Black History Month 2020 Reminds Us of Importance of Choices and Decisions

February 1, 2020

Black History Month: Every Voice is Equal, Every Voice Counts

Each year, the organizers of Black History Month choose a specific theme for outreach efforts and advocacy. The 2020 theme for the duration of February focuses on African Americans and the vote—a topic that reminds us about the importance of choices and decisions.

At VITAS, all our patients and families face important decisions and choices as they near the end of life. These decisions can demand contemplation, heart-to-heart conversations with families and loved ones, and informed choices about what’s important when facing an advanced illness.

At VITAS, we take pride in ensuring that our staff members are trained to understand and honor the traditions, cultures and values of the patients and families we serve, just as they are trained to treat all our patients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

During Black History Month, take time to explore the end-of-life care options available to you or a loved one, and know that our VITAS teams are available 24/7/365 to answer questions, support caregivers, assist our partners in the healthcare profession, provide information about what to expect from hospice care, and educate our patients and families about how we support them based on their hospice diagnosis.

With information and support from the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, our patients, families and referral sources can be assured they’ll make the right decisions when it’s time for comfort-focused, compassionate hospice care.

Don't wait to begin your advance care planning.


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