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40 Years of Choosing VITAS

40 Years of Hospice Care

VITAS is celebrating 40 years of families choosing quality care, dignity and compassion.

Caring for Patients and Families

In July of 1978, we cared for our first patient by listening. We asked about her pain, her priorities and her desire to stay at home. We’ve been listening to our patients ever since.

The patient and their family are as much a part of the interdisciplinary team as the nurse, hospice aide, social worker and chaplain. We educate caregivers on how to help their loved one. We educate the community on options near the end of life.

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“We decided not to have the doctor be the manager or director of the team,” Hugh Westbrook, one of the founders of VITAS Healthcare said. “We were looking for a group that would come together—a social worker, an aide, a volunteer, a doctor, a nurse, a chaplain in most situations—and talk about the overall needs of the patient and family and talk to members of the family as well as the patient, and then, from that, develop a plan of care.” Read about the early days of VITAS >

Helping Clinicians

We’ve been building on our expertise in hospice care for 40 years. Referring patients who no longer respond to curative therapy is referring to a specialist in care transitions.

We address their quality of life as well as their symptoms, avoiding crises and hospitalizations. We bring continuous care to the home when medically necessary, and provide inpatient care when home is not enough.

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Providing Careers in Caring

Hospice is the ultimate caring career. It reminds experienced clinicians of why they entered the healthcare profession in the first place. It rewards non-clinical professionals for doing the right thing for the right reason. At the end of every day, they know they’ve made a difference.

VITAS 40th Anniversary

In fact, that goal is built into our four VITAS values:

  1. Patients and families come first.
  2. We take care of each other.
  3. I’ll do my best today and do even better tomorrow.
  4. I am proud to make a difference.

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