Quality, Comfort and Support for Your Patients

Surround your hospice-eligible patients with 24/7 care.

“We have been truly willing to take on patients that, in my experience … almost nobody else would.”

VITAS can help your seriously-ill patients find better quality of life near the end of life, even if they have complex symptoms.

You, your patient and their family have options. They’re looking to you for guidance, and you need a hospice provider who can support all of you throughout the referral process and beyond.

Any Patient, Any Illness, Anytime

“Referrals to VITAS come to us because we have been truly willing to take on patients that, in my experience … almost nobody else would.” —Diane Rapaport, MD, VITAS Senior Medical Director

We can help. No patient’s illness is too complex for our interdisciplinary teams to manage. If finances are a concern, VITAS can provide assistance. We can even care for homeless patients.

Our admissions experts are available day and night to set up a hospice evaluation or arrange an admission. Whether your patient is in the ED at 3 a.m. or in your office for the third time this week, a VITAS admissions nurse is just a call away.

Full Support, However You Need It

“We coordinate together as a team to really make sure we can cocoon our patients and families with full support in whatever ways they need us most.” —Nicolle Grasse, VITAS Chaplain

Referring to VITAS means that you, your patient and their family have our ongoing support.

The VITAS hospice team comes to the patient with whatever is necessary, including home medical equipment.

  • We address the clinical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and family.
  • We also provide bereavement support up to 13 months after a death.
  • VITAS trains the family caregiver on how to properly care for the patient with the support of our interdisciplinary team.

While hospice focuses on improving comfort through symptom management, VITAS also reduces the patient’s burden on the family with:

Less Hospital, More Home

“Our ability to keep people from being readmitted is extremely high because we are able to put these things in place very quickly to care for people in their own home.” —Diane Rapaport, MD

VITAS’ interdisciplinary approach to hospice care ensures that even high-acuity patients can often return home and remain there comfortably, wherever they call home. Our 40+ years of experience enable us to provide resources and levels of care that other hospice programs do not or cannot.

Hospice care means fewer unnecessary hospital readmissions, trips to the ED and late-night calls to you.

If symptoms cannot be managed at home, VITAS maintains inpatient units and beds at hospitals throughout our service area.

Quality of life is as important to us as it is to your patient. Let VITAS help you help your patients.


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