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Encino, CA – Several months ago my girlfriend’s mother was brought into a convalescent home in Oxnard out in Ventura County at 98. She was assigned to VITAS as she had entered final stages of life and hospice. The convalescent facility was administratively the worst by far I have ever witnessed. Management did as they pleased. That is a facility left to the state, county and lawyers to sort out. Care from the nursing staff was in my opinion was adequate.

However, a strong standing ovation for the VITAS Healthcare System. I have witnessed many hospice companies step in and aid the patient and guide the family. I can attest that had it not been for the above and beyond healthcare from both Gail & Emily from VITAS, that things would have taken on a different tone. The exemplary care, and management as a third party from VITAS Healthcare is beyond words. VITAS is a third set of eyes. Not only did they make this very difficult time, much easier, they stand as a true advocate in these situations. Above and beyond the call of duty is a mere fraction of the 24 service they provide.

In these situations the patient is the client, yet they also provided aid to the family. Should the need arise, and you are given choices of hospice providers from a list, please feel free to message me. I will tell you one to one, how excellent a choice it is to call VITAS Healthcare.

Thank you both Emily and Gail from VITAS. Had it not been for you both, well you know the rest.


Riverside, CA – My family and I are very pleased with VITAS Hospice. The staff were very attentive and caring to my dad in his time of need. Towards the last few days of life, they had 24 hour shifts monitoring and providing for his care. The staff were very empathetic and caring to our family during our father's declining health. The social worker, nurses aids, and registered nurses truly made the experience bearable and less stressful for our mother and other family members. We are deeply indebted and thankful for all the assistance they provided.

We highly recommend VITAS Hospice to anyone in need of a good hospice for their family member's final days.

– Linda S.

Irvine, CA – My experience with VITAS is a little bit different than most, I did not use them for hospice services, but instead grief services.

I attended a grief group sponsored by VITAS after losing a loved one to a drunk driver. I know some of the attendees had actually used VITAS for hospice and other things, but some were like me, and hadn’t. I am extremely thankful for this grief group, it really helped me. I was not, and am still not, able to get much of a response from MADD regarding a grief group or really anything - so having this was a true blessing for me. There was no charge to attend this grief group, and our counselor ended up extending our group longer than was intended, as she felt we just weren’t ready to be let go quite yet.

I never knew things like this existed from a company like this, and its definitely something worth looking into when you have lost a loved one. I don’t know what VITAS office this was orchestrated out of, but the group met in Laguna Niguel, although the counselor was not local in OC, so I figured it may have been this one that organized it.

– Angie M.

Dear Brian,

On behalf of my sister and myself, I would like to thank your Veterans Representative John for his extraordinary efforts to assemble replacement medals and rank patches from my dad's time in the service during WWII. The originals had been long lost. While my dad was under VITAS care back in August and Sept., I read that the VA connection to VITAS could possibly find or replace lost medals and patches. I was intrigued. It would be a part of my dad's past that I had always wanted to know more about.

My dad served in the US Army in WWII in a tank division and was witness to many horrific things. After his discharge, he served in the US Army reserves and then in the US Air force. When he returned to civilian life he spoke very little about his time in the service and so we never knew much about his military past. None the less, he kept close ties with the VA by supporting the various military organizations such as the U.S.O., the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Wounded Soldiers, and others. He was always grateful for the aid the Veterans Hospital gave him when his physical and mental health failed him.

We will miss him always and never forget him. John's lovely shadow box presentation of the medals and patches will sit beside the flag that the U.S. Honor Guard presented us at dad's funeral. They will stand as a gentle reminder of dad and his service to us and his country.

Thank you again John and those who support him in his efforts to make a very hard time for the family of Vets a bit more validated and respected.


Dear Team, 

You always seem to amaze us. Thank you to all involved in having the 10 bears made for my grandchildren. I am so excited to hand them out to them.

This team has been wonderful in every way.

Thank you for all your support,

Brenda & Family

Dear Brian,

My mother was a client of VITAS for the past six months. During that time, the family had the opportunity and privilege to work with some outstanding staff members. While my mother was a resident of an assisted living facility, the extra care provided by VITAS to address her ADLS and monitor her medical condition was much appreciated.

I know from my experience as a manager, that staff is not often recognized for the excellent service that they provide. I have already acknowledged my gratitude to the staff I interacted with, but I feel you should also be aware of how caring the team was.

Jennifer, RN, kept me informed on my mother’s status on a weekly basis; she listened to my concerns and acted immediately on any medical request the family made. Despite declining pastoral services, Jason reached out to me after my mother’s passing, just to check in on how the family was doing. The LVNs, Marcy, Cora, and Indiana who attended my mother on her final two days were caring and supportive.

Extra accolades are reserved for Diana, the caregiver who spent so much time with my mother. She truly is gifted and has found the right occupation! Diane was so loving and tender when caring to my mother’s physical needs.

VITAS provided a needed service for which I will always be grateful. Thank you!


To the Staff of VITAS Hospice Care,

I am writing on behalf of myself and my family, and I would like to thank all of you at VITAS for all that you did for my aunt.

My aunt’s passing was made more bearable knowing that she was being cared for so well by VITAS. The staff that helped us were simply unbelievable – I apologize that I don’t recall everyone’s names – but Sabina, Anne, Dr. Marietta, and Chaplain David were all very helpful. Everyone I met from VITAS is dedicated and hard working.

Thank you for your kindness, caring, and compassion. I could always count on all of you to give the best care to my aunt and to patiently and quickly answer my endless questions. My aunt knew that she was loved, and that is important—to both her and to us.

All the best to you.


Claudia and Family

To VITAS Hospice,

I wanted to thank VITAS Hospice for the compassionate care and support of my mother for the months preceding her last days at the nursing home. When I called for the VITAS address, they said she was assigned to “Team 982,” so I wanted to thank all of the members of that team – I appreciate the care received these past few months from VITAS.

I specifically want to thank the following nurses – Judy, LVN, she cared for my father years ago at the same nursing home, it was wonderful to have her with my mom on her last night. She was very compassionate and made sure my mother was comfortable. I also want to thank Jamie and Colleen – all your nursing staff was professional and attentive. Jennifer, RN, was wonderful making sure all of my mother’s and the family’s needs we met.


Suzanne and the entire family

Dear VITAS staff,

My husband and I would like to thank everyone at VITAS for the wonderful care my mother received. It’s a comfort to us to know that in the last months of her life, despite her worsening condition and physical decline, Mom had such professional and loving care.

A special thanks to those who were directly involved in her care: Dr. Marietta, nurses Pearlee, Sabine and Lillian, her aide Marie, social worker Nga, Chaplain Del and the special duty nurses who were with Mom the last days. 

It was a pleasure to know you all. The service you provided is what we all would want at the end of our lives.

With gratitude and warmest wishes,

Gloria & Michael

Dear 983 Team Members:

Our family is appreciative and wish to thank you for your kindness and professional dedication for making our mother’s transition so peaceful.

All the members of your team had gone beyond your call of duty to ensure our Mom’s comfort at her final days.

We were so fortunate to have you guided, assisted, walked with us through such a difficult and emotional period. We had realized that Hospice Care is truly a god-send guardian angel for us humans.

Sincerely yours,

Mom’s Whole Family

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for being there for my mother the past 6 months. While the last 4 days were very difficult for me to watch, I knew she was receiving the best care possible from you and the rest of the members of her VITAS team.

What you do is amazing; you are informative and comforting to the family. Not every RN is meant to do hospice work, but you certainly are.

Thanks for the professionalism, the love, and care you gave to my mother.

Wishing you the best,


Dear VITAS Family,

I want to thank you for the wonderful care of my husband. You have chosen such loving and caring people. I especially want to mention a lady that cared for my husband, her name is Yolanda. My husband called her “his angel.” She took such good care of him and she was also very special to me. What a blessing VITAS was to us.

Thank you again!



Dear VITAS Staff,

Thank you for the wonderful and caring service provided by the VITAS staff to my mother. While she was in your care for only a few weeks, your staff quickly and professionally demonstrated great attention to my mother’s needs, case details, and in providing frequent status reports and support to me. VITAS provided our family with tremendous assistance, comfort and guidance during my mom’s final days. I cannot thank you enough and will not hesitate to recommend your organization to others.

I only had the opportunity to meet a small portion of the team supporting my mother in the short time she was in your care. Special thanks to Caroline, her primary care nurse who I spoke to daily and to Chris who was there for spiritual support on the final day. Both followed up with phone calls of support after my mom’s passing. Also a special thanks to the rest of the team behind the scenes I did not meet, but I know played a significant role in her care.

There may be other hospice teams just as good, but none could be better. Thank you for all you do.

With sincere appreciation and admiration,



Miami, FL – This is a very special thank you to Team 114 and to each person who stepped into our home from VITAS for the care of my sister, Nancy, and to those behind the scenes making it all happen.

God supplied each and every one of my sister's needs and I believe He used VITAS in a tremendous way to accomplish that! I did not even know what to ask for when bringing her to our home in Miami from Tallahassee, hoping to give her the best care in her last days. Before my eyes, every good thing I could have imagined for her was taken care of by your Team 114. You gently stepped in with incredible kindness and professional brilliance and tended to my sister in the most perfect way possible.

VITAS sent so many wonderful people to us. Yadira was one who came to our table to talk with us. We were so grateful to have her guidance and support. She has a beautiful and caring nature and she is very real. She is also brave enough to tell you what you need to hear in a way that settles peacefully inside of you. When I asked her a direct question, "What would you do if it was your sister." Yadira smiled that very kind smile and answered me truthfully. She came to our home often during the time Nancy was here and she also came afterwards. I hope she knows that she is very appreciated and that God has given her the "gifts" she needs to accomplish her good work.

The nurses who cared for my sister during the continuous care period (which was another Blessing I never would have expected) did a wonderful job for Nancy. Julie and Gerphonie were two who were assigned here more often than others, so we had more time to get to know and love them. They were experts at caring for Nancy...and experts at being the friend in our home who we needed during that time. Gerphonie who came in the daytime was the one who prayed with me over Nancy when I asked her to. She added to our family in so many comforting ways. Julie was here during the night. I liked everything about the way she took care of my sister. If I woke up during the night Julie was also great company as she watched after Nancy. We talked for hours in the most uplifting way.

When Nancy's time began to draw closer, knowing Julie wasn't available, I was concerned who would be with Nancy (and us) during any crucial hours that might arise. Gerphonie had already worked a full shift. Knowing she shared a strong Christian faith, I asked her to pray with me that the right person would be here when Nancy went Home. The nurse I opened the door to the night it happened was Rose Marie. There are no words for how grateful I am for Rose Marie and the tender care she gave Nancy and how she managed all that needed to be done with such peace.

Thank you also, to Dr. Bennett who stopped by earlier that evening. He let us know what to expect in the hours ahead with such heartfelt compassion.

I could go on and on about your team 114 and each member individually but I will close, letting you know that you came like angels! God's good and perfect will was done for my sister. She could not have hoped for better care. She would want me to let you know how grateful she was, along with our whole family. God bless each one of you in your incredible work and mission!

Thank you forever,

Marilynn S.

Maitland, FL – VITAS is the most caring end of life company. The staff is compassionate, knowledgeable, and concerned about both patient and family. I lost my spouse who was cared for by VITAS. They were always there for us and we're grieving with us for our loss. Their words were heartfelt.

If you ever need hospice, VITAS is the one to choose.

– Maurice K.

Palm Beach, FL – My sister was under the care of VITAS in Palm Beach County and received excellent care. The Doctor visited her everyday, managed her pain and ensured that she was comfortable. She made herself available to answer all our questions. The nurses visited her around the clock, were very kind and caring and became part of our family. It was a very difficult time for the family, but they made her passing easier to deal with.

Thank you, VITAS you will always be in our heart.

– Carol J.

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to show my deepest gratitude for the exemplary directors, nurses and doctor in the VITAS Hospice program that tended to my fiancé, in his time of need. I would first like to thank and recognize Lourdes our team leader, who managed everything beautifully in such a caring and compassionate way. In addition, we had the best head nurse Georgette. She was very aware of everyone’s needs and concerns and was always a phone call away. She is professional, knowledgeable and fantastic.  

Furthermore, all of the other nurses and nurse’s aides that came in contact with us through your company were outstanding (Specifically, Jacqueline, Amanda, Ivan, Lori and Zaida). Mr. Jaime from the continuous care was also very understanding and cooperative with us, in providing the nurses which were exceptional. These nurses not only tended to my fiancées needs, but to all of us around him that were trying to deal with the unknown and the circumstances surrounding his disease. As I am sure you are aware, it was an interesting set of dynamics that was far from the usual any of us have experienced. However, they not only did their job, but they went above and beyond what would have been expected. They made sure that he was comfortable and they were able to manage the differing personalities of his family and friends. Everyone was always very professional, polite and most important compassionate. I also, do not have words to express to you the care and concern extended towards me. This was a very painful and difficult situation for me and your caring staff helped me to cope with all that was going on.

In addition to the incredible nursing staff, we had the most amazing doctor on our team. The doctor was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, ethical, nurturing and very compassionate. She would visit and call every day to check up on him and his family and friends. She even answered my call of desperation one day and was able to comfort and calm us all down. Without anyone bringing her attention to specifics, she took the initiative to have a teddy bear made from his shirt, for my two children, knowing that they would love to have something personable and tangible to remind them of his love for them. She is truly a special and terrific Doctor and person. 

Words cannot express the comfort and support your staff gave us through this immensely difficult time in our lives. 

Extremely grateful,


Dear Donna,

There are very few times in one’s life that an experience that brings such sorrow, can also bring you a sense of peace. I experienced both while at your Hospice Unit.

My healthy wonderful father of 90 years who was one of the most athletic men I have ever known, had a stroke and died in your unit. I adored him, and only wanted the best for his quality of life. The staff on the Hospice Unit are the most loving, caring professionals that I have ever seen. My dad was shaved, cleaned, gown changed, eyes wiped, mouth cleaned and cared for with extreme gentleness and care. The woman who came in to change the linens on an empty bed, did her work with the same intentional care. Everyone from the staff who answered my thousands of questions, to people who answered my calls at 6:30 am, each person I encountered was kind, thoughtful, loving and cared for my father as I would have. You allowed me to be daughter, and not a nurse. You allowed me time to grieve, cry, hold him and love him. You gave me the greatest gift a person could ask for. Mentioning names is hard since there are those I know I will forget, but a special thank you to Raquel with her smile and beautiful gentleness. She listened to me even when dad was not her patient. Kathleen and Sheila with their warm hugs and smiles and tissues! (please forgive me if I forgot to add other names, but you know who you are)

Two years ago my mother had been at a medical center and I feared for her life. The care was a nightmare. I never left her bedside for two solid weeks. Your staff allowed me to sleep at night at home with peace of mind that you would care for him as I would.

I have been an RN for over 30 years, and my expectations have always been high, but your staff brought caregiving to an even higher level.

Thank you for your high standards of care, and human touch.


Randy, RN, MS, HNC

Dear administrators, nurses and aides of VITAS, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the quality care and emotional support you gave my mother and myself for the eleven days she was in Hospice.

The compassionate caregiving was something I had heard about but to experience it throughout was a blessing. I was there enough day and night to know it wasn’t just shown to my family. The excellent care was the same for everyone in treating the patient, answering questions, showing concern, and calming family members who weren’t prepared for their loved ones passing. There wasn’t a weak link and each employee had their own unique way and timing of being there when it mattered. You can’t teach that, it comes from a compassionate heart.

I’ve been a lifeguard for a municipality all of my adult life. It not just pulling swimmers out of rip currents; its answering questions, calming parents who can’t find their child, educating the public in a professional manner, making someone feel good that they came to my beach. I’m so glad I came to your beach…VITAS.

I just want to make sure those in charge know and recognize the quality of staff they have.

Thank you all so much.



Dear VITAS Staff,

We would like to apologize for not expressing sooner how wonderful VITAS was to our mother in her time of need.

After mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness, we found ourselves needing support in order to bring her back to our home. We wanted to give her the best quality of life that we possibly could. I know that we couldn’t have succeeded if VITAS was not with us all the way.

We would especially like to thank Nurse Margaret for her expertise and always being there for us whenever we had a zillion questions. She’s the best!

Your sort of kindness comes once in a lifetime and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Marguerite & Peter

Dear Kathy,

There is no way I can thank you enough for the blessing I have received from your employee, and my friend for life, Crissy.

I have searched for my daughters for over forty years. Not to disturb them but just to know that they were alright. One day Crissy told me to give her all the information I had on them and after work one evening she would see what she could find on her computer. After a while she called me and –you guessed it—she had found my children.

They told her that they had been hunting for me also. We have plans for a grand reunion sometime this year, God willing. Crissy will not let me do anything for her in return, but I feel I must. So I am telling everyone I meet about this wonderful person from VITAS Hospice who brought such joy to me. One more thank you for Crissy and her concern for a lonely old man.

All of your staff from VITAS, who call on me, are very caring professionals. 

Thank you!


Your Patient

VITAS was fantastic. When my mom was in an assisted living, they were helping her out and provided hospice care for her. I had 2 or 3 nurses that I particularly liked and they all treated her very kindly. They talk to us for hours when we spent time there with my husband. They were very attentive to her. My mom couldn't eat or drink. She was in pain and was having trouble breathing. They would give her breathing treatments. If she was in pain, they would take care of that. They always bathed her and put a clean night gown on. They changed her beddings and changed her position every now and then. – Jill

A while ago I lost two dear friends to terminal illnesses. Their families had chosen VITAS Hospice to care for them through the difficult last weeks. This was my first experience with any type of hospice care. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the VITAS staff. Their loving and calming ways were so much appreciated by all of us who were devastated to be losing our dear friends. The nursing staff was very knowledgeable and efficient. The Pastor who came to visit often had such a wonderfully calm way of dealing with those of us who were having trouble dealing with all of it. I would recommend VITAS of Brevard to any family in an end-of-life situation. – R. D.


Atlanta, GA – My husband was in VITAS Hospice Care’s care for 5 months. He received excellent care. The doctors, nurses, social worker, chaplain, pharmacy, and the medical supply company always responded immediately. I had to call for assistance for him at night, weekends, and holidays. They were always there for us. They kept us informed each visit on his medical condition. They always answered our questions. Team 3 treated us like family. As the caregiver, they always asked if I needed help. Our family always knew we were not alone during this difficult time. It makes such a difference to the patient and family when people show how much they care. Thanks Team 3. All of you are the best!

– Libby B.


These people are angels. While you never hope to need to use hospice, these are the people to call if you do. The staff is amazing. The service is exceptional. They go above and beyond. They are wonderful at what they do. They provide a multitude of services and everyone we came into contact with was kind, friendly and great at their job. My mother was a hospice patient with VITAS for 2 years and we couldn't ask for more. She received exceptional care until the end. I cannot say enough good things about them. – C.Conway 

I'd like to thank the entire VITAS Hospice team who cared for my Grandmother who was 97 years young. She had a zest for life and loved to be social. VITAS was able to control her congestive heart failure symptoms and allowed her to keep active with our family and her friends at Lexington Nursing Home in Schaumburg. Everyone was so caring and helpful and always available. I can honestly say that VITAS helped us enjoy the time we had left without worry or concern. I feel it was because of their staff that she lived longer than what our doctors told us. Thank you VITAS Hospice for your compassion and dedication to lovingly care for my grandmother. I wish I could have convinced my other family members to research hospice care and VITAS sooner!!! – Drew 

The angels at VITAS Hospice showered my mother with love and the most comprehensive medical attention she has ever had. They were so compassionate and assisted us through the last stages of her life. I will never forget the love and support they provided to my entire family. I learned there are so many patients that would qualify for hospice care sooner in their illness if they would only discuss this option for care with their physicians. My hope is more people can experience the love and compassion from VITAS Hospice for their family members. – Caring Child

Dear Mr. Walker,

This letter is to let you know how much my sisters and I appreciate the support we received during the last days of our father’s life.

The gentleman who came initially was very proactive in arranging my father’s room and bed so it would be more comfortable for him. He was followed by a woman who sat with us. She was very supportive, kind and patient with us. Two of us were present and another sister arrived right after my dad’s death. Having that woman in the room with us was crucial for us to be able to concentrate on our father.

Your service was much appreciated.

Thank you, 


Dear Employees of VITAS,

I feel I need to write you a letter and let you know how grateful I am that you were brought into our lives. You were recommended by a nurse at a retirement community that I work at. I was lost when I found out that my father was ill. I had no idea what would happen as time would pass. I was prepared to take care of him to the best of my ability, but did not realize how difficult it would turn out to be. When I was told he had only 3 to 4 months to live, I never thought of how he might be incapacitated. My fear of his illness was overwhelming and everyday brought a new hurdle for me. My mother-instinct kicked in and I was much attuned to my father’s needs, but then again I needed advice. You were there to help guide me and to give me strength to care for my dad. You were concerned how we were doing as a family, both emotionally and spiritually.

I felt comfortable knowing that I could call at any time and that I would receive a phone call back promptly or that someone would come. No one was ever exasperated or tired of our questions. You supplied me with everything I needed to make dad comfortable and you even made suggestions to help me out.

Please know that I am eternally grateful. I cannot thank you enough for being there for my family. Dad passed away very quietly and comfortably. I didn’t think he was ever in pain. He had no fear because of his faith in God and because of the care that your team gave him.

Most Sincerely,


New Jersey

I cannot say enough how wonderful the hospice aide, nurses, social worker, and chaplain were! My father just recently passed, and everyone he and our family came in contact with were just amazing. His final night (we thought would be a little bit more than one night), we were provided with crisis care. The nurse was amazing and calm, and helped not only my dad to pass peacefully, but comforted us as well. I cannot say enough about this service. Thank you. – Q.

This organization of professionals from the nurses, aides, home health aides, chaplain, were wonderful caring individuals that helped not only the patient, my mother; but her grown children. The level of professionalism was as equal as their unwavering care. It was a wonderful experience that helped the entire family. – Loving Daughter


Philadelphia, PA – My brother and I just had such a positive experience with VITAS that I wanted to share that with families considering hospice. Our father died after a slow health decline and we made the decision for him to be removed from life support and do so in hospice. A social worker referred us to VITAS at Jefferson Methodist. They made my dad comfortable, way more comfortable than he had been in the hospital. Their staff was fantastic - they were professional, supportive and very caring. They provided really helpful advice and great reading materials. They had all the comforts of home. I was truly surprised at how great hospice was for us and I recommend VITAS Jefferson Methodist for a personal, comfortable and dignified experience.

– Robin H.


I simply must express my thanks to the continuous care team who cared for my Mom, and help support my entire family through the final days and death of my Mom.

Although they all played an important part, for me India and Candy stood out. India kept a vigilant watch over my Mom and so much more. She put lotion on her hands and arms, and Vaseline on my Mom’s dry feet to make them smooth. She polished Mom’s fingernails for us, kept a cool wash rag on her forehead and showed heartfelt love and care with each act. And Candy was there from the beginning, taking my Mom and my family through the whole Hospice experience.

Pam, the social worker, gave my 5-year-old daughter “The Healing Book.” I can’t begin to tell you how helpful that has been to her. She and Grandma were extremely close – sharing special songs, games, and secrets that none of us were privy to. Each day when she comes home from kindergarten she continues to glue in photos, draws pictures, and write in her thoughts in that book.

I have often heard people commenting on how wonderful the “hospice people” were to them during their own difficult times, but I never imagined the extent of it. Your organization is full of very special people who are God sent. My Mom was a very special person and your crew treated her fittingly.

Please let the whole team (Candy, Connie, Gala, Anna, Carol, Pam, and India) know how deeply appreciative my family and I am.

God bless all of you.



To VITAS Staff,

We are sending our deepest and warmest thank you for the home care given to our beloved mother.

We cannot begin to thank you enough for the compassion, comfort, dignity and professionalism which you all showed in helping our mom and our family in her time of need. Your offer of support has meant more to us than we can express.

You were a Godsend to us and we will forever remember your care, concern and help. May God Bless you all in a divine and wonderful way!

Thank you for all your efforts,

The whole family - Valerie, Mach, Linda, Beverly, Steven

Dear VITAS, 

Just want to say thank you for your support and care of Mom in her last days on earth. You made her final days comforting and peaceful. She was a person who always wanted to help other people and would have loved your company.

The service at her death was very beautiful and soothing. She loved her religion and lived it to the best of her ability.

Thank you again for your help and support in our time of sorrow.



I know there were many of you who took care of my mom… Mandy, Missy, Dennis, Kim, Tracey, Phillip, Monica, Connie, Sandi, Regina, Deb, Donna, Linda – to name some, etc.

We are so grateful to all of you for your care of her. I, personally, was able to chat with some of you, and enjoyed that so much. Thank you for being patient with my brother… at times he could be difficult.

Thank you for your wonderful care.


Judy & Family

To the staff and workers at VITAS:

We became involved with hospice for our initial time during the demise of our brother. It became our realization of the scope of your work at this time. At a time of such vital needs such as concern, compassion, caring and understanding – your vital need as an organization is brought to the forefront. A special thanks is extended to each of you individually and collectively in making our situation much more bearable. VITAS “life” is a vital addition. 

God’s blessings in your continued effort,

The Entire Family

Dear loving hearts at VITAS,

Thank you for your professional and personal care for my mother during her last few weeks at the assisted living facility.

We were lifted by your loving care and respect for her and our family.

God be with you,



Dallas, TX – I am a 63 year old Licensed Professional Counselor and a former Certified Geriatric Care Manager in Dallas, TX. VITAS' care for my 91 year old mother has been EXCEPTIONAL. They have been extremely attentive to her needs and wants. Her quality of life has steadily increased since getting on hospice care with VITAS. Mom is now able to smile when I go see her instead of complaining of the pain. Her pain is under control and she stays comfortable with their consistent oversight by the nurse.

Having VITAS care for my mom has allowed all 35+ family members to create good memories of mom's last days with us. The key to getting quality care from any health provider is consistent communication with the provider's staff regarding your family's needs and desires. VITAS has responded positively in every situation that has come up. I recommend them highly and will use them again if the need arises.

– Dennis H.

San Antonio, TX – VITAS Healthcare was the first hospice Mother was under, and they were excellent and went above and beyond what was needed. They brought their pedicure set and because they couldn't do much for her, they would file her nails, put her nail polish on, give her a massage, and do other things to make a person feel good. They warmed up her towels and blankets and washed her off. They followed her when she went to the assisted living for a several months. We were very happy with their care.

– Taletha

I would like to give VITAS Hospice Care a million stars.  VITAS made all the difference in the quality of my mom's life before and even during her death.  Because of VITAS, my mom was able to live the last months of her life without any pain, without any financial worries (since Medicare paid for all hospice expenses, including medications, oxygen, hospital bed, all supplies, even diapers and shampoo and hygiene supplies), and she was always completely comfortable.  

The phone staff, the nurses, the home health aides, the doctor - everyone at VITAS was accessible, professional, kind, compassionate, respectful, and very attentive and loving toward my mom and our family.  We loved Kara, my mom's nurse, and Carol, the wonderful home health aide.  Every time I need to ask a question or had an emergency, I was able to contact VITAS immediately and receive immediate help. The gentlemen who delivered (and also picked up after my mom's death) the hospital bed and oxygen machines were extremely polite and respectful.  We received visits from a wonderful gentleman who checked to make sure the oxygen was working properly and taught me how to use the emergency backup tanks.  

VITAS not only made my mom's life better for her, but also better for all of us in the family.  Without their support, their advice, compassion, and skill, and daily visits—sometimes more than once a day—I don't know how we would have been able to provide proper care for my mom and make sure she had no pain or worries.

For this, our family is eternally grateful to VITAS, and we recommend them to anyone who has a family member who is in need.  VITAS, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. – D.L.

Dear Rebecca,

We are writing to extend our deepest gratitude for your care of our family member. We are sorry it has taken this long to write in attempt to express our feelings about what you did for my son and ALL of us. It has taken this long to get to a place where we could express ourselves. As you know, sometimes, these things take time.

Rebecca, you are the definition of professionalism, competence, kindness and grace, all rolled into one. We will forever be in debt and awe for how you worked proficiently and compassionately with not only my brother, but all of us, his family. We were especially moved when you brought the doctor in and the two of you put my brother’s arms around our Mother for the last time. It was one of the most powerfully meaningful moments of our lives. Time stood still at that moment and it will forever be deeply etched in our hearts. You took great care of my brother and equally great care of us by making sure we were eating, resting, taking breaks and pacing ourselves. It was obvious to us that you knew my brother was still a living soul, worthy of tenderness as you went about the requirements of your work. The time you took with us to explain what was happening to him and lend a gentle, caring ear as we tried to make sense of everything that was happening, will forever be one of the truly loving, soul touching events of our lives. We cannot imagine a more selfless, compassionate, graceful act in this world than what you did for us all. We will never forget you and the comfort and shining grace you brought with you into our gut wrenching, sorrowful lives. With all this being said, there are still no words in the English language that could ever convey our heartfelt, deep gratitude.

Know that you make a real difference in this world and people’s lives!

With deepest gratitude,

Beverly & Cindy 

Not only did VITAS care for my wife's grandmother, they did it with dignity, respect and happiness. Everyone from the nurses to the chaplain and social worker was phenomenal! To know that she was cared for and treated with the respect, love and dignity that she and the family deserved is a very peaceful and happy feeling for us all. I know my wife, her family and I greatly appreciate the level of care and attention the team provided for her in her last days. If faced with another crises situation with a loved one who has a life limiting illness, trust in VITAS and they will provide the help you and your family need. – J.W.

I was very impressed with VITAS Hospice. They have nurses who are available to answer questions via telephone around-the-clock who are very knowledgeable about symptoms related to the patient's current diagnosis. They were able to give advice over the phone on how to relieve patient symptoms without using extra medicine or making a visit to the ER necessary. The nurse took her time, explained everything and knew exactly what she was talking about. I was very impressed with VITAS' after-hours help line. – Michael F.

The staff at the Inpatient Hospice for VITAS are exceptional! They cared and supported our family during one of the hardest times in our life. They helped us understand what was going on and what to expect. With the information they gave us, it made a difficult situation bearable. Their knowledge and compassion is obvious. I would recommend VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit to anyone that is considering it. Thank you everyone for all you did for our family! – Holly


The care and support that my family and I received from this organization was exceptional. I only wish that we had known about them earlier. My father struggled for a year with his cancer. It was a tremendous strain on our family especially near the end. One hospitalization followed the next as he fought the infections and complications from his drains. The nurse, Chaplain and social workers helped us to deal with our grief, and more importantly to make my father comfortable and keep him at home. During the last few days of his life they always had someone by his side addressing his needs and helping my sister and I to understand what was happening. I cannot thank them enough for all they did for him and for us all. God bless you! - Devoted Son

My family used VITAS for both my mother and father as they were in the last months of their lives. The services were excellent, the nurses and others caregivers were excellent. My family felt very fortunate to have used VITAS and felt comforted by them as my parents neared the end life. What a wonderful service they provided to us and we are eternally grateful. – Karen C. 


Wish I had called VITAS earlier as they were so helpful with my Dad's care in his last days. Everyone connected with the agency from the social worker, to the nurses, CNA's and pastor were top notch and let him die with as much comfort and dignity as possible. – Alice 

To all the wonderful angels who cared for our mom during her last days with us, the support staff and volunteers who made the special memory bears, we extend our deepest gratitude. You have been an incredible source of support for us.

You made mom very comfortable, allowed her to pass very peacefully in her familiar surroundings and were always there and continue to be for our family.

You have helped lift our heavy hearts and spirits in so many ways. You are truly angels on Earth.

Thank you for making a hard time easier,

Mom’s entire family

On behalf of my sisters and myself, I personally want to express our appreciation for the excellent care our mom received from VITAS.

Through your support, each of you have helped my sisters and I care for mom in my home which many people cannot do for their parents when that time arrives. Even when the time came to move her to the nursing home, your transition process was seamless.

Each of you are very special and have given your heart and soul to the people you care for in a very profound way. Thank you!


Jo Ann

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