VITAS Recognizes the Efforts of Case Workers October 7–13


Case managers simplify life for everyone, from patients and families to the doctors and nurses who care for them, from medical centers and physician groups to health insurance companies. VITAS® Healthcare celebrates the contributions of case managers during National Case Management Week 2018, Oct. 7–13. As established by the American Case Management Association, this year’s theme is “Case Management: Improving Outcomes. Improving Care."

A caseworker talks with a patient

Case managers determine the best placement for patients to receive the most appropriate care. When patients are near the end of life, case managers know home and hospice assure the best outcome—for patients and their families, but also for physicians, hospitals and payers.

In the second week of October, VITAS representatives reach out to case managers to thank them for their role in putting patients and families first. With their help, VITAS is better equipped to achieve patient comfort, symptom management, dignity and quality of life near the end of life.

How VITAS can help case managers.


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