Case Management Week 2017


Case managers are the professionals who manage the transition of patients from hospitals to secondary care locations, whether that is their own home, a rehab facility, nursing home or other healthcare location. Case managers are advocates, educators, planners, coordinators and a fount of resources. Hence the theme of National Case Management Week 2017: “Exceptional People. Exceptional Care.”

A case manager talks with a physician

VITAS: A Source for Case Managers

VITAS Healthcare works with case managers every day. When curative care is no longer effective, case managers are tasked with transitioning hospitalized patients to more appropriate care.

When they call VITAS, we gather information on the patient and the patient’s family/informal caregiver, and make an appointment to evaluate the patient. We discuss the patient’s and family’s goals of care, their wishes and needs, their culture and concerns. If the patient is appropriate and the family is amenable, they are admitted to VITAS. 

VITAS relies on case managers to understand their patients’ needs and the services hospice provides. Matching the right services to the right patient results in optimal outcomes for all involved. That’s why VITAS is proud to recognize the exceptional people who are case managers.

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