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VITAS Care Model for Advanced Cancer

What Does Hospice Treatment for Advanced Cancer Involve?

VITAS offers high-acuity care and complex modalities to manage aggressive symptoms related to advanced cancer, including pain, anxiety, dyspnea, nausea/vomiting, poor appetite, constipation, weight loss, fatigue, and more.

The VITAS cancer care plan for hospice patients includes 24/7 clinical support and a home-based care model. Regular visits by an interdisciplinary hospice team provide clinical and psychosocial support to address the patient’s and family’s needs.

Complex Modalities for Advanced Cancer/Oncology Diagnoses*

Each hospice care plan for cancer is individualized, based on the patient’s current symptoms, priorities, and goals of care. VITAS has the resources and expertise to provide complex modalities in the cancer patient’s preferred setting, including private residence, nursing home, assisted living community, residential care center for the elderly, or inpatient bed.

  • IV hydration to maintain hydration status secondary to cancer preventing adequate intake
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) to maintain adequate hydration, protein, and vitamins to ease symptoms
  • Thoracentesis, paracentesis for fluid removal
  • Venting G tube to divert fluid contributing to nausea and vomiting
  • Parenteral opioids to address uncontrolled pain and its related anxiety
  • Blood transfusions to relieve breathlessness, bleeds and severe fatigue
  • Palliative radiation and hormonal therapy for pain/symptom relief

*Requires clinical case discussion between the VITAS medical director and attending physician.

In addition to the complex modalities above, the following may be incorporated in a patient’s plan of care: PT, OT, speech therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Oversight by Dedicated Physicians

VITAS hospice care plans for patients with cancer are overseen by our 700+ physicians, more than 50 of whom are board certified in hospice and palliative medicine. Our team also includes physicians and medical directors who specialized in oncology before making career transitions to the hospice and palliative care profession.

With hospice patients’ primary care physicians and oncologists/specialists, VITAS physicians oversee the integration of individualized cancer care plans for home visits, goals-of-care conversations, specialist consults, medication reconciliation, palliative care, and other services.

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

VITAS maintains its own home medical equipment division, enabling 24/7 delivery of equipment and supplies to support a hospice patient’s cancer care plan in their preferred setting for care.

These supplies and equipment can be delivered to your patients in any setting:

  • Oxygen and non-invasive ventilation devices
  • Nebulizers for aerosolized medication delivery
  • Hospital bed
  • Specialized mattresses to prevent pressure sores/ulcers
  • ADL assist devices such as walkers, commodes, over-bed tray tables, patient safety lifts
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Wound care supplies

When your patient with cancer is ready for hospice, VITAS is ready to help. Refer your patient to VITAS today and you’ll hear from an admission specialist in minutes. We’re always available.

Is your patient ready for hospice care?


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