VITAS Advantage: Open Formulary

VITAS leverages our open formulary in partnership with specialists and hospitalists to facilitate hospice access and simplify the conversations that lead to transitions to hospice care.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

All hospices provide core services, our additional services and open formulary set us apart. Our objective is to provide you with the content tailored to your needs. See how our open formulary can benefit your patients or residents in your care setting.

For Hospitals

VITAS maintains an open formulary to ensure that patients transitioning to our care can continue the evidence-based therapies that help improve symptoms and quality of life. From telephonic guidance to real-time clinical support, you need a hospice provider who’s always available.
Hospital setting with medication

For Physicians

If your patient is ready for hospice, they may be hesitant to give up the medications prescribed as part of their current treatment. With VITAS, they don't always have to.
Medications on a table

For Senior Living Communities

While adjustments will occur as part of a resident’s shift from curative care to hospice, they don't have to give up all treatments.
A woman with prescription medication


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