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10 Questions to Find the Right Hospice 

Women discussing hospice care

How to Choose a Hospice Provider

If you or a loved one were facing a terminal illness, would you know how to choose a hospice provider?

Hospice Checklist

Hospice Provider Checklist

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Once you’ve made the decision that it’s time for hospice, learn as much as you can about the hospice providers in your area. Not all hospices are alike. Which one is best able to meet your family’s needs? Start by asking these questions:

1. How long has the hospice been in business? How is it licensed? What are its guiding principles? How does it ensure quality care?

2. What sources of payment does the hospice accept (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, no insurance)? What is covered (medications, home medical equipment, etc.)?

3. Does the hospice team come to the patient’s home—assisted living, long term care, private residence?

4. Does the hospice provide inpatient care for acute symptom management and caregiver respite? Where?

5. Does the hospice provide shifts of continuous care to manage serious symptoms at home?

6. What services do hospice volunteers offer? How are they trained?

7. How does the hospice educate the family caregiver about how to care for the patient and what to expect at the end of life?

8. How does the hospice provide bereavement and grief support to families following the patient’s death?

Medications for hospice care

9. Does the hospice physician make home visits? Do hospice team members have special credentials in their fields?

10. In what ways can the hospice team honor the patient’s unique wishes (for example, religious preferences, advance directives, special medications/treatments, cultural or family customs)?

When someone becomes seriously ill, learning more about your end-of-life care options can transform a difficult time into a “good death,” and leave survivors with memories that will warm their hearts for a lifetime.

If you would like to learn more about hospice care or would like to schedule a hospice evaluation please contact our patient care experts.