VITAS Care Model for Advanced Lung Disease and COPD

What Does Hospice Treatment for COPD Involve?

VITAS offers high-acuity care and complex modalities to manage even the most aggressive symptoms related to chronic pulmonary disease, including dyspnea, tachycardia, and recurring bronchitis and pneumonia.

The VITAS plan of care for advanced lung disease includes 24/7 clinical support and a home-based care model with visits by an interdisciplinary care team which provides clinical and psychosocial support to address the patient’s and family’s needs.

Complex Modalities for Advanced Lung Disease/COPD

Through our open formulary and complex medical management treatment plans, VITAS can ensure your patients remain comfortable while still achieving their care goals in any care setting—including a patient’s home, nursing facility, or assisted living facility.

  • Bronchodilators ease breathing by relaxing lung muscles and expanding airways.
  • High-flow oxygen therapy provides additional relief for patients who require respiratory support beyond traditional oxygen therapy.
  • CPAP and BiPAP therapy assists breathing by modulating airway pressure in patients who need respiratory support.
  • Antibiotics can be administered through parenteral routes to fight infections related to advanced lung disease/COPD.
  • Respiratory therapy from a licensed respiratory therapist supports the patient’s cardio-pulmonary care plan and goals of care, including:
    • Mechanical and non-invasive ventilation to assist or replace spontaneous breathing
    • Compassionate ventilator withdrawal to provide maximum comfort in anticipation of death
  • Therapy services including physical, occupational, speech, and massage help meet the patient’s unique needs near the end of life.

Oversight by Dedicated Physicians

VITAS care plans are overseen by our 700+ physicians, more than 50 of whom are board certified in hospice and palliative medicine.

They oversee integration with patients' primary care physicians, home visits, goals-of-care conversations, specialist consults, medication reconciliation, and palliative care.

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

VITAS brings the hospital to your patients with home medical equipment and supplies that are 100% covered on the Medicare Hospice Benefit, not out-of-pocket costs for your patients. VITAS does not require O2 SATs to be able to provide oxygen to patients

VITAS maintains its own home medical equipment (HME) division, enabling 24/7 delivery to support the patient’s advanced lung disease or COPD care plan.

The following supplies and equipment can be delivered to your patient in any preferred care setting:

  • Oxygen
  • Non-invasive ventilation devices
  • Nebulizers for aerosolized medication delivery
  • Hospital bed
  • Specialized mattresses to prevent pressure sores
  • ADL assist devices such as walkers and commodes
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Wound care supplies

If your patient is ready for hospice, VITAS is ready to help. Refer your patient to VITAS today and you'll hear from an admission specialist in minutes. We’re always available.

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