VITAS Values Diversity in Our Workplace and the People We Serve

VITAS serves diverse patients of diverse backgrounds, employs diverse staff from diverse backgrounds, embraces diverse causes and lifestyles, and supports diverse communities across the United States and around the world.

VITAS is the only national hospice provider with a significant presence in inner-city areas and other communities of color: We sponsor national initiatives designed to expand hospice access to every individual who can benefit from quality, compassionate end-of-life care. 

VITAS believes that ensuring that patients’ and families’ values and cultures are reflected by those of our caregivers results in a more meaningful experience for all. Because of this, we are committed to recruiting a diverse staff—with more than half of our workforce comprised of minorities.

We seek diverse candidates to join our team. We attend local and national career gatherings targeting and attracting communities of color, and we have forged strong relationships with the National Black Nurses Association and the Hispanic Nurses Association.

VITAS also supports the professional development and career growth of our existing workforce to ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed. We are investing in the next generation of healthcare professionals, ensuring that the training and education programs we support reach students from representative racial, ethnic, cultural and linguistic populations. 

VITAS employs Community Liaisons whose primary responsibility is to serve as hospice advocates and hospice educators within traditionally underserved communities. Community Liaisons work with the African American, Hispanic, Asian Pacific and Jewish communities.

VITAS programs are active participants in the communities they serve, sponsoring charity events, conducting educational conferences and serving in volunteer leadership positions. We reach out to the communities we serve through radio talk shows, television programs, newsletters and other media.

VITAS encourages employees to volunteer in their own communities—and farther afield. VITAS senior executives serve in volunteer leadership roles with the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our chief medical officer, an ordained Orthodox rabbi, works with the Israeli Department of Health to develop an appropriate model of hospice care in Israel. Our senior vice president of human resources supports global projects in India and Africa that are aimed at eliminating hunger, poverty, illiteracy and HIV/AIDS.

Many VITAS programs have partnered with hospices in Africa and continue to provide much-needed resources and assistance. VITAS employees are encouraged to give generously to these endeavors. 

VITAS has been a pioneer in hospice care since 1978.