How a Can-do Attitude Sets VITAS Apart

A can-do attitude is an essential aspect of VITAS Healthcare hospice care. By embracing a flexible, positive, solution-focused approach, our employees do their best every day to create excellent results.

Can-Do Attitude is the third foundational pillar of the VITAS Difference, which defines the way we work together through Commitment, Compassion, and a Can-Do Attitude.

As a team, we feel like we can do anything here, and, together, we can.-Sharon Stefanski, VITAS patient care secretary

“I know I can make a difference in somebody’s life, and each day I learn something new. I want to leave that patient or whomever I meet in a better situation than before I met them,” says Fred Robinson, a VITAS admission liaison in Orlando, Florida.

Driven by a sense of purpose, those with can-do attitudes settle for nothing less than excellence. Their cooperative spirit enables them to accomplish whatever task lays ahead.

“When we’re putting a patient and family first, we’re going to find a way,” says Christina Coffield, a VITAS representative in Gainesville, Florida.

Along with commitment and compassion, working with a can-do attitude helps VITAS provide exceptional care and strive for better results.

“We go out of our way for each other, and when we see [a team member] bogged down, we chip in and help them. As a team, we feel like we can do anything here, and, together, we can,” says Sharon Stefanski, VITAS patient care secretary in Lecanto, Florida.

By embodying the VITAS Difference, we remain the nation’s leading hospice provider and continue to attract and retain top talent.

Your can-do attitude finds a home here, helping to care for patients, their families, and your team members. View the open positions below to find your next career.

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