24/7 Telecare Services

We're Here Evenings, Weekends and Holidays

VITAS Telecare service is your reassurance that you have a direct line to medical advice, support and hands-on care, as appropriate, at any time of the day or night. During weekdays, of course, you contact your hospice team at the number they provide. But when your hospice team is off duty and your VITAS office is closed, your Telecare hospice team is on the job: evenings, weekends and holidays.

A VITAS Telecare nurse or other patient care expert answers your call. They have access to patient files and the expertise to answer questions, provide medical advice, contact your physician or dispatch a team member to the bedside—whether it’s 5:45 on a Monday night or midnight on New Year’s Eve.

You can sleep soundly, knowing VITAS Telecare never sleeps at all.

VITAS’ Care Connection Center

Telecare is part of VITAS Healthcare’s Care Connection Center (CCC): clinicians on duty day and night to answer the questions of our referral sources, set up a hospice evaluation or arrange an admission. If a physician needs a VITAS admissions nurse to see a patient in the ED at 4 a.m., the CCC makes that possible. Once a patient is admitted to VITAS, the team keeps the attending physician informed of changes in the patient’s status. There are no more late-night calls or crisis management required by the PCP.

CCC also helps VITAS patients avoid rehospitalizations. Whether a patient is facing an emergency or a caregiver has questions, the CCC provides immediate support and medical care, avoiding 9-1-1 calls and emergency trips to the hospital.

Whether the patient is high acuity and their care needs are complex, or the family needs support and assurance as they cope with end-stage illness at home, VITAS is with them every step of the way. We are the choice of clinicians and patients alike, because we are always available.

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