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Medical Conditions 

Man with terminal illness with wife and nurses

Every disease follows its own unique course. Hospice care can help seriously ill patients control the pain and manage the symptoms of disease near the end of life. When faced with an advanced stage of a disease, you should know the risks and options available should you or someone you love need them.


Hospice Relieves Symptoms for End-Stage COPD Patients

Heart Disease

Heart Disease Prevention for Caregivers

Heart Disease and Your Family History

Huntington's Disease

Help Near the End of a Long Journey: Hospice and Huntington’s Disease

Kidney Disease

When Dialysis Ends: How Kidney Failure Symptoms Can Be Eased With Hospice Care

More: How VITAS Manages Conditions

Visit this page to learn how VITAS manages specific medical conditions, including ALS, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney failure, liver disease, lung disease, and neurological diseases.