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Grief & Bereavement

young woman grieving with husband

Grief is all-consuming and mysterious, different for everyone and universal. You can’t go around it; the only way to help yourself is to work through it. Here are some grief and bereavement resources to help you learn how to support yourself and others in times of grief.

Grief Support Groups and Events in Your Area

Defining Loss

Learn the different kinds and stages of grief as well as what is true and not true regarding feelings surrounding the loss of a loved one:

Levels of Loss

Alzheimer's Disease And The Five Stages Of Grief

Anticipatory Grief

Typical Myths about Grief and Mourning

Coping with Loss

It’s not easy, but grieving is a necessary part of healing after losing someone you love. Here are things you can do to get through the grieving process:

27 Ways to Heal When Dealing with a Loss

Coping With Public Tragedies & Natural Disasters

How to Care for Yourself While Grieving

How To Rebuild Self-Esteem After Losing A Loved One

Learning to Accept the Unacceptable

Practical Tasks Following the Death of a Loved One

There Is No “Right” or “Wrong” When it Comes to Grief

The Normal Physical and Mental Symptoms of Grief

What Should I Expect as I Grieve?

Recognizing Anxiety & Depression

What is the difference between grief and depression? These articles help identify when grief turns into a chronic situation leading to depression or anxiety:

Don't Let Grief Become Depression

Coping With Anxiety While Grieving 

Feelings and Reactions to Significant Loss

Severe Depression After Significant Loss

Losing a Family Member

The loss of a family member is always a shock and causes many emotions to come to the surface. These articles look at the effects of losing someone in your family and with ways to deal with the loss:

8 Steps to Healing After the Death of Your Life Partner

A Day Without Dad: Coping With Loss on Father's Day

Losing a Sibling

Mourning the Death of a Parent

Mourning and Missing Our Mothers

Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One

Helping Children Cope

Children and their feelings are often overlooked when death occurs. Age plays an important part in how much children understand and how we can help them with their grief. These articles explain how children grieve and ways to support them:

Children's Developmental Stages

Experiencing Grief as a Teenager

Guidelines for Helping Grieving Children

Guidelines for Children Attending Funerals and Memorial Services

Helping Children Cope with Public Tragedies

What To Say When a Child Asks about Death

Handling Holidays

The empty chair at the Thanksgiving table, unopened gifts on Christmas or the vacancy in time of not celebrating a birthday anymore brings grief to the surface. These articles give practical ways to help you face the important days without your loved one:

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

Facing the New Year When You are Bereaved

Handling Holidays and Special Anniversaries With Grieving Children

Holiday Grief & Bereavement - Planning Ahead

Remembering Loved Ones on Holidays and Anniversaries

Helping the Grieving

Do you know someone who is grieving? It’s hard to know what to say and do at a time like this. These articles give ways for comforting the bereaved:

A Support System: Just a Call Away

Friends Don't Let Friends Grieve Alone

Techniques to Assist the Bereaved

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say