Patient Care Contact Information

Physicians or Clinicians


VITAS provides our clinical partners with a dedicated toll-free line for immediate and rapid access to hospice and palliative care services.

Patients, Family or Caregivers


VITAS provides patients, family members and caregivers with a dedicated toll-free line to answer questions about hospice and palliative care services, requests for a hospice evaluation or to admit a loved one with an existing physician referral.

VITAS Patients

VITAS patients currently on-service or caregivers looking for more information about your hospice care, attempting to reach your care team or for any other patient care questions, please contact your local VITAS office.

  • VITAS Compliance Hotline: 800.638.4827 (800.63.VITAS)
  • Calling from outside the United States? 305.459.2612