VITAS Advantage: Open Formulary for Your Patients

Physicians: If your patient is coping with aggressive symptoms or unmanaged pain, makes frequent visits to the ED or has been in an ICU for an extended period without improvement, VITAS can help.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

How VITAS Helps You

VITAS maintains an open formulary to ensure that patients transitioning to our care can continue the evidence-based therapies that help manage symptoms and improve quality of life. We tailor our care plans to patients’ wishes and goals at the end of life, and are equipped to continue any disease-directed medications that a patient requires.

We provide the assurance that while medication adjustments may occur as part of their shift from curative care to hospice, they do not need to give up all treatments to receive our care.

Continuation of Disease-Directed Medications

Medications that treat a patient’s illness often also provide symptom and pain relief, making them a crucial element of the hospice modality. VITAS’ open formulary supports continuation of disease-directed medications, including but not limited to:

  • Beta blockers
  • ACE inhibitors
  • Diuretics in ACD
  • Inhalers in ALD
  • Cholinesterase inhibitors in dementia

Partnerships for Necessary Conversations and Easy Transitions

VITAS leverages our open formulary to facilitate hospice access and simplify the conversations that lead to transitions to hospice care. When physicians trust VITAS to provide whatever medication a patient requires to improve their quality of life, their patients feel more confident with their decision.

Improved Patient Compliance

Once a patient begins service with VITAS, medication, home medical equipment and supplies are delivered to a patient’s preferred setting of care. A VITAS nurse provides instruction and oversight for the patient, their family and caregiver. We’ll also assist with home pill box construction, and clinicians are available by phone 24/7 for questions or concerns.


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