VITAS Advantage: Advanced Illness Specialists for Senior Living Communities

Our experts support advance care planning and patient-centric end-of-life care for your community’s residents and their families.
Is Your Resident Hospice-Eligible?

How VITAS Helps You

For more than 40 years, VITAS Healthcare has focused exclusively on caring for people with advanced illness who are nearing the end of life. Through this extensive experience, and supported by evidence-based data, we eagerly share our knowledge with our senior living community partners. Our goal is that together, we can continue to meet the needs of those residents to whom you already provide compassionate care.

VITAS advanced illness specialists support senior living community staff and residents' ability to age in place by:

  • Coordinating care
  • Facilitating advance care planning conversations
  • Supporting quality improvement initiatives
  • Delivering compassionate, end-of-life care
  • Titrating the level of hospice care for the resident based on need

The VITAS Advantage helps support your residents by keeping long-stay and short-stay residents out of the hospital and emergency department.

VITAS’ dedicated senior living community teams:

  • Provide customized educational offerings tailored to meet your entity’s needs and improve care quality for advanced illness patients
  • Possess clinical resources and technologies to further enhance staff education
  • Adhere to state regulations and can be on-site for survey assistance
  • Serve as a resource to assist/conduct advance care planning conversations with residents and their families

Community-Specific Data and Quality Improvement Metrics

VITAS advanced illness specialists support improved care metrics:

  • Provide community-specific Partnership of Care (POC) data to identify strengths, trends, and opportunities for quality improvement
  • Oversee targeted 1-to-1 education with senior living community staff to ensure residents’ symptoms are identified, monitored, and optimally managed
  • Augmented education to support role-based licensing requirements, guided by community-specific data, healthcare literature, and trends

VITAS collaborates with all senior living community staff, including administrators, directors of nursing, therapists, dietitians, MDS coordinators, and intake coordinators, to identify needs and provide the resources, training, and data that leads to improved care and higher resident satisfaction.

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