VITAS Advantage: Advanced Illness Specialists

VITAS advanced illness specialists have disease-specific expertise on end-of-life care and advance care planning, to help you deliver improved care for your patients.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

All hospices provide core services. Our teams of advanced illness specialists set us apart. Based on the needs of your patients and residents, VITAS advanced illness specialists deliver customized services that many other hospice providers do not.

For Hospitals

VITAS advanced illness specialists help to support your hospital’s goals of higher-quality care, reduced length of stay, decreased in-house mortality and increased patient satisfaction.
Two healthcare professionals view an iPad

For Physicians

VITAS advance illness specialists collaborate with your staff to provide higher-quality care, improved communication, and optimal symptom management for your advanced illness patients as they near the end of life.
A physician talks with a couple at a desk in his office

For Senior Living Communities

VITAS collaborates with all senior living community staff to identify needs and provide the resources, training, and data that leads to improved care and higher resident satisfaction.
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