How to Use Oxygen Safely at Home

Understand and Respect the Power of Oxygen

Oxygen is all around us; it enables us to live on Planet Earth. But if you have been prescribed concentrated oxygen therapy, delivered via cylinder, concentrator or liquid reservoir, you need to understand and respect the power of oxygen.

VITAS Healthcare has provided oxygen therapy to patients for 40 years. We know how life-sustaining it is. We know how to maintain the equipment. We know how to educate patients and their families to use it safely and responsibly.

Medical-grade oxygen is colorless, odorless and tasteless—easy to dismiss as “just like the air we breathe.” It is not like the air we breathe!

Watch Our Demonstrations, How-To Videos, and Testimonial

Demonstrations: The Dangers of Oxygen and Smoking

See how medical-grade oxygen turns a smoldering cigarette into a life-threatening inferno. Demonstrations >

How to Use an Oxygen Tank Valve

The valve controls the oxygen, and the user needs to control the valve. The key is releasing oxygen with a slow and steady hand. Use the valve >

How to Store Oxygen Tanks

Handle with care! An oxygen tank needs to be secured in a rack or stand at all times. How to store >

How to Travel with Oxygen in Your Car

No rocking, no rolling, plenty of ventilation: Don’t let an oxygen tank become a hazard. Travel with oxygen >

Turn it Off: A Patient's Advice about Oxygen and Smoking

A patient talks about his mistake with oxygen and smoking: “I woke up to a big blaze in my face.” Testimonial >

Through our Home Medical Equipment (HME) teams, VITAS provides home medical equipment, including oxygen tanks, to our patients as part of the Medicare hospice benefit. Our dedicated team members also provide training and support on using the equipment.

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