Infographic: Caregiver Facts and Figures

Millions of family members are providing emotional and physical care to loved ones at home every day in America. If you’re one of them, you know all too well what this role involves. As more and more individuals are faced with taking care of elderly parents, disabled spouses or seriously ill children at home, it is important to recognize the complex physical, emotional and financial issues they face and how it affects our national well-being.

A Clearer Picture of Family Caregivers

To discover more about today’s caregiver, AARP and other organizations have completed several studies. Some of the results are surprising, some are not. But now there is a clearer picture of family caregivers—who they are, how much they’re sacrificing and how they feel. You are not alone on your caregiving journey. Read more about the benefits of caregiving for family caregivers of terminally ill patients.

Caregiver Facts and Figures

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