VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit at INSIGHT Hospital & Medical Center Chicago

2525 S Michigan Ave.

6th Floor

Chicago, IL 60616

When hospice patients need care beyond what can be provided at home, the VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit at INSIGHT Hospital & Medical Center Chicago is designed to provide necessary and appropriate care so they can return home as soon as possible.

We know that a medical crisis has brought you to the VITAS inpatient hospice unit. Our goal is to support you and your loved one through this difficult time. We encourage you to ask any of our unit staff whatever questions you may have. And, to individualize your loved one’s care, we ask that you share any information you believe is relevant.

Are you visiting someone on hospice?

Meet the VITAS Inpatient Team

A VITAS IPU team manager

Team Manager

The team manager oversees all patient care in the inpatient hospice unit.
A VITAS physician


The physician closely monitors the progression of the patient’s illness, prescribes appropriate medications and coordinates care with other members of the team.
A VITAS hospice nurse

Hospice Nurse

The hospice nurse is skilled in assessing and managing pain and other symptoms. A nurse may also help with personal care.
A VITAS social worker

Social Worker

The social worker acts as a friendly and skilled listener and provides emotional support.
A VITAS chaplain


The chaplain ministers to the spiritual needs of patients and families of all faiths, and can work with their clergy.
A VITAS bereavement specialist

Bereavement Specialist

The bereavement specialist provides grief and loss support to the patient's loved ones.
A VITAS volunteer


The hospice volunteer can bring music or a Paw Pals animal companion, and spends quality time with the patient and family.
The VITAS Care Team