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Bringing the Best in Hospice Care to Connecticut 

VITAS provides a full spectrum of hospice care and services in Connecticut that allow people nearing the end of life to stay in their homes—whether home is a private residence, assisted living community, or skilled nursing facility. VITAS care for hospice patients throughout the state every day with three offices: Glastonbury, Waterbury and Norwalk.

Hospice Care at Home in Connecticut

But hospice patients don’t come to VITAS; VITAS goes to our patients. Our teams bring a very personalized kind of care to each patient every day. We have staff trained to understand the needs of the many military veterans who call Connecticut home. In fact, we have an annual service aboard the Nautilus Submarine Museum every Memorial Day. We offer music therapy to patients; whether they sing along or play or just move to the music of their life, their care is enhanced by this holistic therapy.

Inpatient Hospice Units

Most of our patients are cared for wherever they call home, but when home is not enough, VITAS has special arrangements with hospitals and healthcare facilities across Connecticut to provide care until the patient is stabilized and can return home. In Waterbury, a warm and comfortable VITAS inpatient hospice unit is available in a wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.

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