March 19, 2021

High-Tech Tools Support VITAS Representatives

As a large, people-first organization, VITAS offers resources to support employees’ professional success and growth that smaller organizations often cannot offer.

Our application of those resources is now the subject of a Microsoft case study about optimizing patient referral interactions and enhancing care, following our successful implementation of three core Microsoft technologies.

The case study highlights key stakeholders from our IT, Sales, and Strategy and Innovation teams as they provide insights about the two-year development, implementation, and companywide rollout of three Microsoft tools: the Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Power Platform app suite, and Teams communication platform.

Titled “VITAS Healthcare streamlines sales, delivers patient-centric care with Dynamics 365 Sales,” the featured Microsoft case study reinforces VITAS as a healthcare technology leader. It reflects our commitment to invest in and deploy sophisticated technology to:

  • support our purpose of ensuring hospice-eligible patients and families have access to high-quality hospice care with VITAS
  • improve patient outcomes and family satisfaction
  • open even more possibilities for success and growth among our employees

VITAS Representatives Support Quality Patient Care

VITAS representatives help doctors and other clinicians understand the benefits of hospice and determine whether their patients or residents could be a good fit for our comfort-focused services.

“Our representatives have the information at their fingertips to be a knowledgeable resource to their customers.”-Erika Gaudio, VITAS senior vice president of sales

While our representatives are not care professionals, their role demands a broad understanding of both clinical concepts and the business of healthcare; VITAS makes every effort to equip them with the expertise and resources to ensure their success.

“Doctors and clinicians are very busy, so VITAS representatives must prepare impactful conversations to ensure their referral sources understand the value proposition of hospice using evidence, diagnosis-focused patient case studies, and data about their patient population,” says Erika Gaudio, senior vice president of sales for VITAS.

Our representatives’ work is backed by a number of industry-leading tools, including CRM D365. Created through a VITAS-Microsoft collaboration, CRM D365 is a centralized customer engagement platform used by 500 VITAS representatives and managers to monitor and manage their outreach to referring partners, healthcare providers, and potential referral sources.

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The underlying Microsoft technologies host and manage internal sales processes, referral histories, contact information, educational materials, and secure patient data for a “more connected, collaborative” approach to end-of-life care.

These tools empower representatives to pursue their passion for educating our healthcare partners about hospice. Coupled with Microsoft Teams, the tools provide our reps with seamless access to VITAS leadership while ensuring transparency and accountability in all communications.

“With Dynamics 365, our representatives have the information at their fingertips to be a knowledgeable resource to their customers,” Gaudio says. “That’s critically important for sustaining meaningful relationships.”

Those relationships improve patient care and drive our representatives’ professional success—two crucial outcomes for the entire company.

If you’re interested in a career with a healthcare provider that’s as committed to your personal and professional growth as you are, join the VITAS team today.