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December 22, 2021

If I Work for VITAS, Where Will I Work?

VITAS Healthcare traces its roots back to Miami, Florida, where we began in 1978 with one hospice patient, a nurse and a minister.

Since then, our commitment, compassion, and can-do attitude has helped us grow to be the nation’s leading provider of hospice with 49 hospice programs in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

That translates to myriad career possibilities for you at VITAS. 

Depending on what kind of work you’re passionate about and where you want to live, you could be a VITAS representative in Sacramento, CA; a hospice aide in Dallas, TX; or an executive, or executive’s assistant, in Philadelphia, PA. 

Perhaps you live in your hometown and want to work near family and lifelong friends. We may have an office near you. Maybe you live in the Windy City but yearn to live in the Sunshine State. VITAS has offices and openings for you to explore, too. Turn a career at VITAS into a chance to create new life experience and fulfill your purpose doing meaningful work.

Take a look at some of the work settings available for VITAS employees and the variety of positions you may find at each type of location.

Corporate Locations

VITAS Healthcare’s corporate offices are located in downtown Miami, FL; nearby in Miramar, FL; and in Cincinnati, OH. These offices house the professionals who support the patient care teams, including those in the finance, HR, clinical development, marketing and communication, IT, care center communications, and legal affairs departments.

Patient with family and physicianVITAS Inpatient Hospice Units

VITAS has home-like hospice units that provide short-term inpatient care to hospice patients whose symptoms cannot be managed at home. They are staffed by VITAS hospice teams 24/7/365.

These VITAS-operated units may be freestanding facilities or in hospitals or nursing homes. They welcome families, including children and even pets, and often have provisions for visitors who choose to spend the night, use the kitchen to warm up a favorite meal, make use of the children’s area or the quiet room, and generally create an atmosphere more like home than a hospital.

VITAS Program Offices

Each of our hospice locations includes a program office (often several). In each office there are clerical staff, plus space for members of the care team, from the medical director to the manager of volunteers and bereavement specialists, who need regular office time.

Program office positions include business development manager, general manager, team managers, business manager, payroll clerk, patient care administrator, performance improvement specialist, admissions nurses, sales reps and more.

VITAS employee standing outsideMobile/Home Care

The program offices also serve as a meeting place for the interdisciplinary hospice teams that travel every day to visit hospice patients in their respective territories, wherever the patients call home.

These team members work out of their cars, which are full of supplies and files. Every morning they schedule visits to patients, building in some wiggle room for unexpected calls. Teams specialize, some in home care, others in nursing homes and assisted living communities.

They schedule time in the office as necessary—and always for team meetings, when the whole team, from physician to aide, shares observations about patient needs, changes to be made, family concerns, obstacles and successes.

Care Connection Centers

At our Care Connection Centers, VITAS employs care center staff, nurses and supervisors who electronically manage thousands of calls every day, from physicians referring patients to consumers wondering what hospice is.

Every staff member receives phone and computer training to accurately document every call, as well as training on our customer service expectations.

Some Care Connection Center staff are licensed nurses who provide our Telecare service, assisting patients, families, physicians, and anyone with a clinical question or who needs bedside assistance for a VITAS patient with medical support 24 hours a day.

VITAS HME EmployeeHome Medical Equipment Facilities

VITAS operates its own home medical equipment (HME) facilities, which maintain and deliver hospital beds, oxygen, wheelchairs and other equipment to home-care hospice patients. Positions include technicians, who drive the trucks, deliver and pick up the equipment, set it up, and explain how to use it to the family.

Back at the HME warehouses, there are employees cleaning and maintaining equipment and wrapping it for delivery. There are also directors, managers and clerical employees in HME offices.

Palliative Care Locations

VITAS has Palliative Medical Associates locations in California, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania. They employ clinical and clerical staff, as well as directors, managers and care coordinators. Seriously and chronically ill patients are seen on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Regardless of the field in which you specialize, or the location in which you live, VITAS has options for committed, compassionate individuals looking to work alongside others who share their passion. 

Apply your passion for caring. Apply for a position at VITAS today.

Originally published March 2017 and updated December 2021.


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