VITAS Inpatient Unit at The Drake Center

151 West Galbraith Road

5th Floor

Cincinnati, OH 45216

Inpatient Hospice Center

When hospice patients in Cincinnati need care beyond what can be managed at home, VITAS offers inpatient hospice care at the Drake Center. We offer a home-like setting where patients can receive the individualized, around-the-clock care they need.

Our goal is to help patients return to their home as quickly as possible, where we continue to provide support.

VITAS has special arrangements with Cincinnati hospitals and other facilities where patients may receive necessary and appropriate inpatient hospice care to address needs that cannot be safely managed at home. We are especially proud of our partnership with UC Health. As part of our commitment to offering the full spectrum of hospice care to our patients throughout Southwest Ohio, we have established a dedicated inpatient hospice unit on 5 West in UC’s Drake Center in central Cincinnati.

Here, our patients who require care that cannot be managed at home can stay in a home-like setting, receiving high-quality care around the clock; family and friends are welcome at any time, day or night, with no restrictions on visitation. Truly a hospice house, The Drake Center ensures a quiet, comfortable stay until the patient is stable and can return home.

Inpatient Unit Features

  • Private rooms
  • Shared family room
  • Computer and internet access
  • Flat-screen TVs in rooms
  • Private quiet room
  • Shared kitchen
  • Outdoor area
  • Washer and dryer for guests

Are you visiting someone on hospice?

Meet the VITAS Inpatient Team

Our group of specially trained healthcare professionals who ensure that a patient's last few months,weeks or days are lived in comfort and dignity.

A VITAS IPU team manager

Team Manager

The team manager oversees all patient care in the inpatient hospice unit.


The physician closely monitors the progression of the patient’s illness, prescribes appropriate medications and coordinates care with other members of the team.

A VITAS physician
A VITAS hospice nurse

Hospice Nurse

The hospice nurse is skilled in assessing and managing pain and other symptoms. A nurse may also help with personal care.

Social Worker

The social worker acts as a friendly and skilled listener and provides emotional support.

A VITAS social worker
A VITAS chaplain


The chaplain ministers to the spiritual needs of patients and families of all faiths, and can work with their clergy.

Bereavement Specialist

The bereavement specialist provides grief and loss support to the patient's loved ones.

A VITAS bereavement specialist
A VITAS volunteer


The hospice volunteer can bring music or a Paw Pals animal companion, and spends quality time with the patient and family.


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