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Bringing the Best in Hospice and Palliative Care to Peoria & LaSalle

Hospice is about comfort and dignity the last days, weeks and months of life. VITAS Healthcare is a leader in providing hospice care services in homes throughout Peoria, LaSalle and the Greater Illinois Valley.

Hospice at Home

When everything is changing, VITAS helps things stay familiar. We help patients stay home and in Peoria, LaSalle and the Greater Illinois Valley area whenever possible—whether home is a private residence, an assisted living or long term care facility, or even a hospital room. In addition to bringing routine hospice care home, our Intensive Comfort Care teams work in shifts when a patient’s symptoms need round-the-clock attention, thus keeping the patient comfortably at home. 

VITAS inpatient units offer the benefits of home in a facility setting when home care is not enough, or when the family/caregiver must be away for several days and nights.

No matter where care takes place, we coordinate closely with all caregivers, spiritual advisors, families and friends to ensure the patients’ optimal well-being.

Customized Hospice Care

Because every patient, family and situation is unique, so is every plan of care, each reflecting the needs, choices and goals of the patient. VITAS offers specialty care for patients who are military veterans, those who speak another language or have strong ties to their culture or beliefs. 

Alternative Comfort Care

We offer palliative care services for Peoria, LaSalle and the Greater Illinois Valley area, such as massage, music therapy and Paw Pals® visits. Yes, hospice is about the end of life, but VITAS ensures that the last days, weeks and months of life are about quality of life—for patients and the people who love them. 

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