Hospice Basics
June 19, 2019

Why Partner with a Hospice Provider?

Updated 06/19/2019

VITAS Healthcare is the largest provider of hospice care in the U.S. and a pioneer in the industry. Partner with us to ensure your patients experience dignity and respect as they near the end of life.

Partnering with VITAS: Good for your patients. Good for your organization.

Hospice services make families feel better. They allow terminally ill patients to enjoy a better quality of life. And a hospice provider like VITAS Healthcare can assist in satisfaction scores along with margin improvements for its partner hospitals, healthcare systems and health plans.

Interdisciplinary teams of hospice experts, from nurses to chaplains to physicians, bring VITAS services to wherever our patients call homes. We provide round-the-clock staffing when medically necessary to keep patients comfortable at home. And we provide inpatient care when home care isn’t enough.

When we work as your partner, VITAS leverages our technology, staff and experience to transition complex patients with multi-comorbidities from hospital to wherever they call home. Then we provide the support necessary to improve quality of life, manage symptoms and prevent readmissions.

Through our care continuum, VITAS supports the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “triple aim”: improve patient care, reduce per-capita costs, support the health of the population. We also improve the clinician experience, vital if we’re going to meet CMS goals.

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Our innovative interoperability solution automates hospice referrals from your ED. At no cost to you, VITAS accelerates and simplifies the hospice admission process, freeing your staff and resources for other tasks. And our response time assists in your throughput and boarding challenges, thereby improving your ED inpatient and outpatient core measures.

We’re Here to Help Our Healthcare Partners

VITAS recognizes the problems:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve longitudinal patient-centered care through the care continuum
  • Reduce overspending and duplication of effort
  • Work smarter
  • Collaborate to successfully navigate the new healthcare landscape

And VITAS is part of the solution. We offer:

  • A care transition pathway that breaks the discharge/home/ED/readmission cycle and moves patients to appropriate non-acute settings
  • An interoperability framework that interfaces with our partners’ EMR systems to streamline referrals and care transitions
  • Mobile apps that help clinicians make referrals and stay connected to us
  • An iPad transition-to-care platform that improves the admissions experience for patients, families and healthcare professionals
  • A fleet of trucks that delivers VITAS medical equipment to patients’ homes
  • 24/7 virtual care centers staffed by VITAS clinicians who can answer questions and dispatch a member of the hospice team to any patient at any time of the day or night
  • VITAS-authored texts on end-of-life care
  • VITAS-sponsored palliative care fellowships with several of the country’s best medical schools
  • A charitable foundation that passes every dollar of every donation to needy hospice families and like-minded charities

VITAS Healthcare has been improving hospice services since 1978. Today we care for more than 18,000 terminally ill patients every day.

Join us. Together we can chart new paths in the ever-changing healthcare landscape that alter the way we live—and die.


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