Advance Care Planning

7 Things You Need to Know About Advance Directives for Your Patients

April 3, 2017

The trick to knowing what your chronically ill patients want near the end of life is to have the goals-of-care conversation early, regularly and matter-of-factly. VITAS can help. So can these seven facts about advance directives:

  1. Everyone over 18 should have them.
  2. They give patients control of their medical care if they can’t speak for themselves.
  3. They’re billable; Medicare reimburses you $86 to discuss end-of-life care with patients.
  4. The conversation is easier when the patient is healthy and alert.
  5. By 2030, one-fifth of the US population will be 65 or older.
  6. Your patients are waiting for you to start the conversation.
  7. Isn’t it time you had one with your own primary care physician?

7 things your patients should know