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  • 10/04/18

    I called VITAS to provide home hospice care to my husband who suffered from various chronic diseases. May, the admitting nurse, was very thorough in assessing my husband’s needs and enrolled my husband in crisis hospice care, which provided my husband with round-the-clock watch and nursing care. VITAS quickly implemented an effective palliative care plan, relieving my husband of pain and other symptoms. Thanks to the caring staff of VITAS my husband had a pain free and peaceful cross over in the comfort of home. Thank you, VITAS.

  • 09/03/18

    My mother was cared for by the staff at VITAS 12 years ago. Even after all of these years, I still remember the greatest staff taking such great care of my mom. The nurses, medical equipment staff and even the in-patient facility was just unbelievable. The caring and loving nature had been given not just to my mom but to my family as well. It made me proud to know that we chose a wonderful and amazing company to care for my mom at the toughest time in her life. I am an RN now and every time a patient chooses VITAS, I can say from experience that their loved one will have the ultimate care and respect. I saw something that reminded me of your caring and beautiful staff and thought I would leave this message. I hope you all realize how much you all meant to me in those hardest times.

  • 08/06/18

    I want to say thank you note to Susan, the seamstress, who made my Memory Bear. I lost my mother 7 years ago. I was informed about how VITAS makes bears with clothing from a loved one you may have lost. Candace, who informed me about the bears, brought it to me last week. I was teary-eyed and touched by how beautiful my bear is and how much it means to me. Thank you Susan for taking the time to make these special bears.

  • 05/19/18

    We would like to thank VITAS for the care they provided our loved one, Jessica, whom has deceased peacefully. To the nurses who tended and cared for Jessica, we thank them for their time, patience, kindness and love towards her. We received the condolences card signed by the staff of the facility and we appreciate the love and prayers. God bless.

  • 05/07/18

    My husband was referred to VITAS Healthcare during his last 6 weeks of life. Everything about your organization has been top notch. All of your employees that we met have been extremely caring and professional. They enabled me to care for my husband at home the whole time. Anytime I needed help, they came ASAP or helped me over the phone. I especially want to thank Aaron, Lucy and Virginia who went out of their way to be helpful to my husband and me. I really appreciate everything you have done for us and would recommend you to everyone.

  • 10/18/17

    In September, my mother contacted VITAS because my father needed to be on hospice care. She was comfortable with the decision. When my dad made it home, Erick, our nurse, was so patient and professional. All of your nurses went above and beyond to support my mom. Even when my parents became frustrated with decisions for my dad, the nurses and social worker were always patient and understanding. I thank you all for supporting my family during this difficult time. God bless your employees and volunteers.

  • 08/06/17

    VITAS was nothing but the best for my dear wife. I especially want to thank Ariana Saenz. She is the ultimate professional and VITAS is very fortunate to have her. No matter what I needed, she was always there and got results almost immediately. The nurses and social workers were absolutely the best. If your loved one ever needs hospice care, this is the company to go with. God bless you all for everything you did for our family.

  • 06/23/17

    I can't say enough about this company. I lost my brother Larry after a brief battle with leukemia. Two and a half months after being diagnosed, he passed. His nurse, Chris, was so kind and helpful to us. He constantly called to see how we were doing and asked often if we needed anything. This company is simply wonderful. Chris and others from VITAS still call to check in on us. I can't put into words how much I appreciate this organization. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • 02/19/17

    My sister has been in VITAS care longer than expected and the care from doctors, nurses, staff and even maintenance has been phenomenal. I personally have only been able to spend 10 days with her, but it was so heartwarming witnessing the love and care shown not only to her but all of our family. It is very much appreciated. You provide a service that touches so many at a really hard time in their lives and you all do it with a smile and a love that makes a difference for all. Thank you!

  • 01/26/17

    My grandma was given great care towards her end. Chaplin Virginia saw me at my most needed moments. She walked in a few hours before my grandma went to be with the angels. I needed someone and God sent her to me. I spoke with her for 45 minutes as if she was my best friend. I cried and got angry with our situation and Virginia made it all seem ok. At the end, I asked Chaplin Virginia to speak at my grandma's funeral and she agreed. It was such an amazing funeral (as amazing as it can be considering the situation). I got so many compliments that Virginia had spoken as if she knew her forever. I thank her and VITAS from the bottom of my heart for all their help in making her depature as simple as it could have been. My only regret is not signing up with them earlier. Thank you.