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Bringing the Best in Hospice Care to Texas

VITAS has proudly cared for seriously ill Texans and their families for over 30 years. We are based in four cities—Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio—but our hospice teams deliver hospice care right to their patients' bedsides, whether on a ranch or in a trailer, nursing home or city condo. VITAS brings hospice home.

We are certified by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice to provide culturally sensitive care that meets the specific belief systems of Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed and secular Jews. We have whole teams that speak Spanish and understand Hispanic customs. We offer specialized teams to care for military veterans, and we work with faith leaders to bring hospice to their parishioners. At VITAS, every patient, and therefore every plan of care, is unique.

Inpatient Hospice Units in Texas

When patients need more intense care than can be provided at home, Texas has the finest inpatient units in the country, with wide open spaces and attention to the smallest detail ensuring that patients and their families feel at home—even when they’re not.


Texas Hospice Locations