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Reducing 30-Day Readmission Penalties

Watch this video for facts about ED visits by older Americans, and how VITAS can help.

Most Older Americans Use the ED Near End of Life

Approximately 75 percent of older Americans are seen in the Emergency Department in their last six months of life, and more than 50 percent visit the ED in their last month of life.

Readmitting older patients during this time could be costing your hospital through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) 30-day readmission penalties.

How VITAS Can Help

Research shows that patients who enrolled in hospice at least one month from death rarely visited the ED in their last month of life. In addition, early hospice enrollment is associated with 80 percent less ED use and dramatically reduced rates of hospitalization and hospital deaths.

Hospice through VITAS Healthcare generally allows eligible patients to stay out of the hospital, while still receiving the best care in a place that's comfortable - home.

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