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Webinar for Healthcare Professionals: Introduction to Palliative Care

Reducing Readmissions | Continuing Education | VITAS Healthcare

Palliative care is a wide umbrella that includes many aspects of healthcare. But how does it differ from hospice care? The goal of this webinar is to provide healthcare professionals with an overview of palliative care services and how they fit into the continuum of care.

Earn one continuing education hour with this free webinar.

Attendees of this webinar will learn to:

  • Articulate a rationale for palliative care based on barriers to hospice access
  • Compare and contrast palliative care and hospice services
  • Describe the different locations where palliative care may be provided and the indications for palliative care services
  • Appreciate the role palliative care plays as a key element in the continuum of care

Thank you for attending this webinar held on October 13, 2016

This course is approved for one continuing education credit hour for Registered Nurses and Social Workers as well as approval for Certified Case Managers. Attendance for the entire class as well as completion of a brief online survey is required; certifications are forwarded after completion.
Featured VITAS expert:
B David Blake MD | VITAS Healthcare | Atlanta GA  
B. David Blake, MD, DABFM
Associate Medical Director
VITAS Healthcare

As an associate medical director for VITAS, Dr. David Blake oversees the medical care and treatment of VITAS patients in their homes, nursing homes and assisted living communities in Atlanta, Georgia. He also consults with patients’ attending physicians, supervises VITAS team physicians, guides staff and volunteers, and serves as a resource to practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals on the benefits of hospice and palliative care for patients and families.

Dr. Blake joined VITAS in 2009 as a certifying physician for hospice admissions. He was named associate medical director for VITAS in 2011, where he also serves as physician on a home-care team while continuing to be certifying physician.

He has a private practice in Lithia Springs, is medical director at Family First Healthcare and serves as ring physician for the Georgia State Boxing Commission.