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Case Managers: We Can Help You

Stephanie Kozakiewicz, a VITAS social worker and case manager, explains how case managers can benefit by partnering with VITAS.

VITAS Lightens the Load for Case Managers

When case managers have patients who are hospice-eligible, VITAS can help.

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"We come in and we can help case managers. Not replace them, but help them and work side by side with them," says Stephanie Kozakiewicz, a VITAS social worker who often works with case managers and social workers in hospitals and nursing homes.

Stephanie often works with case managers and social workers through hospitals and nursing homes. She's able to help with their most seriously ill patients so the case managers can be available for the other patients in their facilities and the day-to-day caseload.

How VITAS Helps

At VITAS, we are experts at helping families through end-of-life decisions while providing excellent care in a comfortable setting.

For Case Managers, Working with VITAS:

  • Reduces unnecessary emergency department visits and re-hospitalizations
  • Helps determine a realistic and effective plan of care
  • Improves patient/family satisfaction
  • Improves communication among patient, family, hospitalist, case manager, case reviewer, primary care physician and health plan providers
  • Helps undecided patients/families in continuing the conversation post-discharge through follow-up over the phone

Case Managers: Get Help or Answers

If you're a case manager or social worker looking for the right care for a terminally ill patient, please complete this form. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.


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