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Veterans and Benefits Considerations

Vets Benefits Hero

At VITAS, our commitment to veterans and their families doesn’t end with compassionate hospice services; we also want to ease the financial burden many veterans face near the end of life by ensuring they receive the government benefits they’re entitled to.

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Sharing Our VA Expertise with Veteran Patients

As the nation’s leading hospice provider, VITAS devotes extensive resources to developing an understanding of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). This allows us to acquaint patients and families with benefits for which they qualify, help them navigate the VA and introduce them to organizations that can further assist with benefits questions and applications.

Veterans Benefits

Even if a veteran patient comes to VITAS with all their benefits in place, they or their family members may still be eligible for:

  • Compensation benefits
  • Disabled veteran benefits
  • Low-income eligibility benefits
  • Survivor benefits
  • Other service-related benefits

Your hospice team has members who are devoted to addressing the needs of veterans and their families, and each team includes a skilled social worker knowledgeable about benefits issues. We can help identify potential entitlements and coordinate with the VBA, service members’ agencies and other local and state organizations.

Replacing Lost Medals

At the end of life, many veterans feel it’s important to talk about their military experiences to recapture their memories and achievements. Passing on hard-won service medals to family members is a source of pride, and for families, those medals are an important way to remember and honor the sacrifices their loved one made. For veterans who have lost these cherished medals, VITAS can help replace them by assisting with the necessary forms for submission to the National Personnel Records Center.

Navigating the VA benefits application process is daunting even in the best of times. When you’re facing a life-limiting illness, VITAS can help.

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