Pain Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach

We offered this webinar on May 12, 2016, February 23, 2017 and May 17, 2018.

Chronic pain negatively impacts quality of life and causes undue stress on patients and families. This clinical presentation addresses how pain can effectively be managed at the end of life and how the multidisciplinary hospice team approach provides a comprehensive care model that goes beyond physical pain.

Key points of this webinar:

  • Define “total pain” and its various characteristics
  • Understand all aspects of a patient’s pain as a symptom near the end of life
  • Recognize physical, social, emotional and spiritual components of total pain
  • Utilize the different factors involved in total pain and how the interdisciplinary team is necessary to effectively treat total pain
  • Describe the components necessary to perform a full pain assessment in both cognitive and cognitively-impaired patients

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