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VITAS Community Life and Inpatient Center at
Delray Beach

5912 Atlantic Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33484


Serving Patients and their Families

VITAS Healthcare broke new territory—literally—when we broke ground in 2015 for the VITAS Community Life and Inpatient Center at Delray Beach. This beautiful building is a freestanding inpatient unit serving patients and their families in southern Palm Beach County as well as a community facility open to local groups and organizations who want to meet or hold functions there. It is truly an investment in the community.

The VITAS Community Life and Inpatient Center at Delray Beach is the first hospice inpatient unit (IPU) we built from the ground up, and our fifth freestanding inpatient unit. It is expected to serve approximately 550 patients each year.

VITAS currently operates 35 IPUs nationwide, most of which are located within hospital campuses. Hospice IPUs enable us to provide care for hospice patients whose symptoms have become unmanageable at home. Most patients return home after spending a few days in the unit.

Features of the Community Life and Inpatient Center

Even from the curb, this lovely new building promises a quiet, soothing atmosphere that is as homelike as possible. In our eight-bed, 14,000-square-foot unit, each patient room is warmly decorated —much like the bedrooms in a private residence. Because a quiet environment helps reduce stress at this time of life, we have put careful thought into the VITAS Community Life and Inpatient Center at Delray Beach.

Delray IPU Room

The center caters to the needs of our patients first. Each patient room is uniquely decorated and has a screened porch that looks out onto a tranquil lake. The state-of-the-art bed can be rolled onto the porch so patients can enjoy the sunshine, hear the birds and get a little fresh-air therapy. Indoors, a spa area lends itself to alternative therapies like massage and immersion, as appropriate.

At VITAS, the family is an important part of the team. We want them to feel like active participants, not passive guests. The family room is a comfortable place to have family discussions or just unwind, with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and a patio. The center features a meditation room—an ideal space for rest or reflection—as well as a quiet room. A children’s area allows kids to entertain themselves with games, toys and books provided by our volunteers.

We believe that the best therapy for hospice patients is the comfort they derive from their loved ones. The center is open 24/7 for the convenience of family members and visitors, and we can accommodate those who wish to spend the night.

We also know that pets are family too—and very therapeutic. Pets are welcome to visit as long as they are on leashes and supervised by an adult. We can even arrange a visit from one of our VITAS Paw Pals®, our own furry trained volunteers and their owners.

Additional Features

  • Coffee and tea available throughout the day in the center’s community kitchen.
  • Families are welcome to store food in the refrigerator or even prepare small meals in the kitchen.
  • Patients may bring personal items, including clothing. Hospital gowns are also provided.

Walk into the center and you will immediately notice the art by nationally known artists Jerry and Marjorie Gotkin. The Gotkins lived in Delray Beach when Marjorie died on hospice care in 1999; Jerry has continued to live in Delray and support local hospices ever since. In 2015, VITAS Healthcare commissioned Jerry to design works for the Community Life and Inpatient Center at Delray Beach.

In the east wing of the center we have our community life center. With the adjacent kitchen, it is a space for professional meetings, community organizations, seminars and other events. There is a VITAS office there; the bereavement and marketing staff will also use the east wing for community events. We hope you’ll take advantage of the educational events and the beautiful facility soon!

Why Inpatient Care?

The inpatient level of care is one of four levels of care mandated for any Medicare-certified hospice. While most hospice care is brought to the patient’s home, there are times when symptoms cannot be controlled at home. For those times, every hospice must have arrangements in place to provide inpatient care until the patient can return home. Hospice inpatient care can be provided in a nearby hospital or other health facility; for VITAS patients and families in southern Palm Beach County, inpatient care is provided at the beautiful VITAS Community Life and Inpatient Center at Delray Beach.

An inpatient hospice team is in place; physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, bereavement specialist and volunteers available to address pain and other symptoms, visit with the patient and family and enable the patient to return to their home care hospice team when they are ready.

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