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Average Rating: 5.0

  • 10/05/18

    Every person sent to us from VITAS - the nurses, social workers, physicians and OTs and spiritual support has been knowledgeable and so compassionate. The fact that my mother is still living to fight another day is evidence of the care and support you've given. With the help you've given her and my father, we were able to focus on implementing other supports to bolster their well-being so they can remain independent. They want so much to have their lives continue "as is" for as long as possible. The direct contact with all of you has made them far more aware of the pragmatics required to do so. Having a 24-hour phone number to call has also provided a great sense of emotional support. This has, without question increased the quality of their daily lives in their closing years. You are doing a great work in a world that is often harsh, and we are forever grateful!

  • 09/10/18

    Our mother passed today peacefully under the remarkable care of the caregivers in the VITAS IPU at the University of Miami Medical Center. Our family cannot thank you enough for the remarkable care that was given to our mother in her final days. Your entire staff was wonderful to our mother and our family. Many thanks VITAS.

  • 08/26/18

    I had a wonderful experience with VITAS. My parents are living at an ALF in Hollywood and both on hospice with VITAS at the same time. My dad came home from the hospital after an extended illness that did not improve and passed away 8 days later. The nursing care was excellent and words cannot describe what each nurse contributed to my dad's care. The physician was empathetic, answered all my questions and treated us with exceptional care. I had never been through this before but I have nothing but praise for the compassion and care my family received.

  • 08/17/18

    VITAS takes care of my mom, Edith, in Margate, FL. I cannot speak more highly of any doctor than I do of Dr. Leung. He is not only a genius- controlling my mom's many issues and keeping her comfortable; he is kind, empathetic, caring, considerate and tactful. He visits my mom and will spend whatever time he needs to talking with us. Nurse Debbie has been terrific as well. Betina sees my mom every weekday morning and brings Mom a breath of sunshine every single day. We miss her on the weekends! We appreciate Chaplain Tim's visits and he always iterates that he is available if we need him. Team 151 should definitely be commended for the incredible care they have been giving my nearly 95 year old mother. We cannot thank them enough!

  • 05/20/18

    Words can't express the gratitude we have for VITAS Healthcare. My grandmother, Grace, was with VITAS hospice care for years and they were with her until the end. The genuine and amazing care my grandmother received was more than anyone could ever ask for. Everyone who assisted was professional, knowledgable, and beyond compassionate. The care she received and support my family received was a blessing. Thank you for being there and for all you do to help families. VITAS services and employees are absolutely the best.

  • 05/10/18

    Thank you for the compassionate care and support provided to my beloved husband for the months preceding his final days. My husband was in hospice care for almost 16 months. During this time, our family had the opportunity to experience your outstanding staff members that went above and beyond to fulfill my husband's needs. He was very fortunate to have team 104 caring for him. I want to thank Odalis E. for her dedication and professionalism, Dr. Diaz, & Pedro Joaquin for his compassionate care and kind words. Shirley, CNA, was a true blessing that came to our family to make my husband finals days so peaceful. From the bottom of our heart thank very much Shirley for your compassionate care and professionalism towards my husband. Thanks to our social worker Doris, hospice RN Maria, and many more on my husband's care team. You have such an amazing group of loving and caring staff members. 

  • 05/01/18

    My mother Lottie recently died. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care she received from the hospice care team at VITAS. For about 14 months, she was at home and team 148 was responsible for her care and my mental health. Woodlyn, Simone, Rebecca and Chris treated her with love and great care. She looked forward to seeing them and they added to her quality of life. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for VITAS. When she was in her final days, she was moved out of the house to an inpatient center and team 165 took over her care. They too were wonderful, caring, and kind. They helped me through the transition. I cannot say enough good things about VITAS and would recommend you to anyone that is in need of hospice care.

  • 04/22/18

    My family is most grateful for the care provided by VITAS team 147 for our mother. Mom received palliative and end-of-life care from VITAS for approximately two years. During that time, the many services as well as individual team members were outstanding. The nurses, nurse aides, social workers and physical therapists were professional, competent, caring and accessible. I appreciated the frequent phone calls from team members updating me about my mother's condition and addressing my concerns. A star among the staff was Chaplain Kevin. He comforted not only our mom, but our family members as well. After Mom passed away, Kevin stayed with us to offer words of comfort. In summary, we feel blessed that our mother was cared for by VITAS.

  • 04/15/18

    My grandmother, Carmen, passed away last night at the Palace Nursing Home in Kendall. We were so blessed to have VITAS LPN Eneida with my grandmother. She was compassionate and professional. She treated my grandmother like her own family. It was such a comfort to have her with us as we went through the difficult hours of her passing. All the VITAS staff assigned to my grandmother were truly lovely.

  • 02/05/18

    Dr. Karen Kade of VITAS Healthcare was so amazing. She was calm when I was nervous and she explained everything so I understood. Her office staff was very pleasant. I would recommend her to family and friends.

  • 01/29/18

    VITAS was extraordinary in helping my mother in the last week of her life. My mom, Esther K., died on 12/24/17. I am enormously grateful to the VITAS care team that made her comfortable in her last days. I highly recommend this company for anyone needing hospice services.

  • 01/12/18

    I called VITAS and within a few hours, you arranged for your nurse, Martine, to come to our home. Jim passed away before Martine arrived, but she was so very kind and helpful even though we were not patients. She took care of everything for us and stayed with us for several hours. Her kindness helped us so much. Please thank her for us.

  • 12/12/17

    No words can capture our feelings. I don't know what we would have done without our VITAS nurse, Brooke. This past October, my mom was in her final stages and without Brooke, we wouldn't have been able to make sure my mom's final hours were peaceful. Not only did Brooke take loving care of my mom, she listened to my dad when he needed it most. While any loss is terrible and grief is traumatic, VITAS did everything possible to lessen the burden. We are extremely grateful. Our thanks to Brooke and everyone at your amazing organization.

  • 11/26/17

    I can not find words to thank the care team and healthcare professionals who cared for my grandfather. I especially want to thank Nurse Mitra for her compassion during the difficult days for my family. With all my heart, I want to let VITAS know that it was a blessing to have placed you in our lives. Thank you and may God bless you all.

  • 10/23/17

    We live in Sunrise, FL and began our experience with VITAS in March 2017. I was my husband's caregiver. When VITAS entered in our life, I was suffering severe RA and other problems that prevented me to care for my half-paralyzed husband. VITAS Team #148 in Broward became part of our household. Nurses, aides, doctors, our chaplain, and social worker were so helpful and caring. It was such a warm experience and I felt like my family grew fast! 

  • 09/30/17

    The VITAS staff and especially our chaplain were all so kind and efficient during my mom Ana's time in hospice care. Through the four weeks of my mom's time with VITAS, she was treated with a lot of care and love. The nurses and CNAs for team 108 were exceptional. Yudelquis, the visiting nurse for my mom, was very helpful and caring. I commend team 108 for their professionalism and hard work. It is rare to find such good people and workers. Our chaplain was so instrumental in making us feel calm and at ease in such a difficult time. My family and I will be eternally grateful and humbled by the experience.

  • 09/22/17

    My mother was a patient of yours. I just wanted tell you how wonderful your staff and services are. In the worst time of my life, your nurses gave my family as much help and comfort as possible. They were knowledgeable, kind, and sincere. Every nurse that came to help us was amazing. I particularly remember Arlene and Pat. They were all so personable. Yelaina was there when my mother passed, she was very comforting. Pat's mother passed while she was caring for my mother, and she still came to be with us! Arlene's mother was in hospice too! What kind and selfless people. I appreciate the work you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 08/25/17

    VITAS of Fort Lauderdale was amazing, especially the staff, team members, and the nursing staff. We could not have asked for more caring, kind, and compassionate people. You are all truly treasured gifts. A special heartfelt thank you to nurse Phyllis Brown. She is an amazing nurse & an asset to your team. We will always remember you all fondly. Thank you.

  • 08/06/17

    There are no words to properly express the appreciation and admiration that I have for the VITAS organization and their outstanding professional and compassionate staff. VITAS not only cares for the terminally ill, but it also provides excellent medical services to those unable to care for themselves. I have had the opportunity to experience the sensitive and caring medical help they have provided to family and friends who lack the ability to fend for themselves. Their humanitarian work is to be admired and I don't hesitate to recommend VITAS, to anyone in need of their excellent and caring services.

  • 07/29/17

    My sister pass away about one month ago of acute Leukemia. The doctors recommended VITAS Healthcare in Kendall, Miami. All of our nurses and other healthcare professionals were so caring and thoughtful. Our nurse, Isela R, She was so professional, smart, sweet, compassionate, and was and angel to my family. Thanks to VITAS for having such an amazing team! Thanks to Arushka too!

  • 07/27/17

    I can't say enough about team 137. My mother, Joyce C., was in hospice for 1.5 years. The nurse Marie L. is so caring as well as the nurse aid Zaida. They showed compassion and concern about her as well as the family. Whenever we had a concern or fear, we would get a call or visit in a timely manner. Thank you, I could not have made it without you.

  • 07/25/17

    My 93 year old mother was in VITAS of Fort Lauderdale experiencing Melanoma and Alzheimers Disease. I simply cannot say enough about the staff! The nurses were so loving and caring. I was at my mother's side for 6 days before she passed, so I met all the nurses on staff. Each one said they felt it was a privilege to care for my mom. They were very good at explaining to me what was happening, always making sure she was calm, comfortable and pain-free. Hospice nurses are a breed of their own. Thank you VITAS for the wonderful care and concern for Mom. It helped to comfort me, knowing how highly respected and well cared for she was.

  • 07/22/17

    My dad was with VITAS for a short period of time, due to his dementia. The whole team was so professional. Now, I have a neighbor in VITAS hospice care and it brought back memories of the death of my dad. Seeing what my neighbor is going through with his wife reminds me that VITAS is the best. Thank you for what you do.

  • 07/21/17

    Micheline L. should be recognized for how amazing she was with my 104 year old grandmother Mina J. on her last days of life. She was so caring and knowledgable, it was like an angel was sent to us. I am crying as I type this because I am so thankful God gave her to us during this very hard time in our lives. Not only was she professional, but she was so sincere! She gave us a book to read to better understand the process and every step of the way. She was so attentive to my grandmother. VITAS is a blessing and hires the most amazing people!

  • 07/14/17

    Nothing but wonderful things to say about team 117. Every one of them that was assigned to care for my dad, Leonel B., has been wonderful. From our nurse Georgina Toledo, to our CNA Clarita Murrieta, the social worker, Marina, & the VITAS Chaplain...all of them were so amazing. Thank you!

  • 06/17/17

    On behalf of my entire family, I want to extend my sincere thanks to all of the staff for all of their support and assistance in their treatment of our mother Kay S. during the final stages of her 101 year life. Everyone was so helpful and compassionate during her final days and provided the much needed support and assistance to help us through these trying times. I appreciated the nightly and early morning updates I would get from the nursing staff when I called. It meant so much to me to know that she was being taken care of so well by the staff. Please be sure to express the thanks from all of us for their care and concern for our mother.

  • 05/23/17

    I wish to thank you very much for all the work, time and effort extended on behalf of Suzanne S. While the whole team was most excellent, Sue's primary nurse Tom, truly stood out. He exhibited great patience, care and empathy in dealing with a difficult situation. I am most grateful for his kindness, gentleness and help. The entire team has my gratitude and that includes the VITAS hospital staff at North Broward. Many thanks!

  • 05/22/17

    I just wanted to let you know that the VITAS nurses and staff are some of the most caring down to earth people that i have ever met. My mother had colon cancer and they took such great care of her. We were with team 158 in Miramar. I would recommend this team to anyone.

  • 05/10/17

    I would like to congratulate Team 104 (Hialeah team) for their wonderful work. My mother received the best palliative care I could have imagined, they were every time I needed them. She is resting in peace now, she didn't suffer because they provided me with everything. Thank you very much to the doctor, to the nurse, to everybody.

  • 05/02/17

    Excellent treatment for my terminally ill mother , always available 24 hrs a day, quick response to all calls, compassionate and caring.

  • 04/30/17

    I just wanted to say that all of your staff in the Sunrise location are the most wonderful people we could ask for. My sister spent her last days there and all of your staff are real life angels. I'm so glad she went there for her final days.

  • 04/30/17

    VITAS was there for my mom, 2 weeks before she went to heaven! They were angels, for our family in 2002. I just recommended hospice for a friend today! When my mom passed in 2002, we didn't have computers, so I just want to thank you for all you do! God bless you!

  • 04/07/17

    They were caring and still are.

  • 03/15/17

    The hospice service given to my mother by the VITAS hospice care staff was extremely professional and compassionate too. They were truly outstanding and allowed my mother's transition with comfort and peace.

    My undying gratitude to all members of VITAS Team 135, for all they did to help me and my family during this very sad and difficult time.

  • 02/26/17

    Dear VITAS, I just wanted you to know that so far your services are top notch. We are very pleased with the care and how your people have addressed any of our concerns.

    Yeneris Duque Lopez, our nurse, has been fantastic! Michelle and the lady who came after her at Baptist both were great! Easily accessible to address any problems or questions.

    I retired from P&G and we always keep the customer as our highest priority, you are the P&G of hospice. I love you for taking such a good care of my wife.

    You provide excellent end to end service! Your people are caring, have empathy and deliver on the services they offer. I forgot to mention how nice the bed delivery person and the lady (Kiara) who helped me on the phone get medicine and supplies Friday evening. Again, in my book, you are the Procter and Gamble of the hospice industry. I will be a reference any time you want me to speak about your company. Thank you!

  • 01/30/17

    I have to say that today at University Hospital I met a hospice nurse from VITAS that is so knowledgable, patient, and sweet, that I would recommend this company to anybody who needs help with end of life care. Her name is Lucia, the sweetest, warmest nurse I have ever met in my life. My father is in hospice care and she made the hard moments much better for the whole family. Kudos for her!

  • 01/22/17

    VITAS hospice was involved with the care of my mother who was suffering from end stage Alzheimer's. It was a beautiful experience with all involved in my mothers care.