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Donna Borland

General Manager - Broward

“Donna’s experiences as a nurse, a manager and a business leader have made her an invaluable asset in Broward County,” says Dian Backoff, vice president of hospice operations. “She continually puts our patients and families first and serves as an excellent role model to our staff.”

Donna joined VITAS in 1997 as an RN case manager in Broward. She was promoted to team manager in 2002, to patient care administrator in 2004, to associate general manager in 2007 and to GM in 2008. She was named to the Leadership Council in 2003 and 2006.

A native of Jamaica, Donna received certifications in accounting, management and liberal arts from Montego Community College and Duff’s Business Center, both in Montego Bay. She received her nursing degree from Broward Community College in Davie, Florida, and her bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in Davie, Florida.

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