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Bringing the Best in Hospice and Palliative Care to Washington DC and Northern Virginia

Hospice at Home in DC and Northern Virginia

When everything is changing, VITAS helps things stay familiar. We help patients stay home in DC and Northern Virginia whenever possible—whether home is a private residence, an assisted living or long term care facility, or even a hospital room. We coordinate with patients’ personal physicians, so patients keep the doctors they know and trust. No matter where care takes place, we coordinate closely with all caregivers, spiritual advisors, families and friends to ensure the patients’ optimal well-being.

Alternative Comfort Care

Because hospice attends to the physical, spiritual and emotional issues patients and families cope with at the end of life, VITAS offers complementary palliative therapies as well as quality medical care at our Northern Virginia locations. Music therapy brings comfort and joy to patients, whether they are dancing to it or regulating heartbeat and breath to its steady rhythm. Community events like “Missing Our Mothers” bring VITAS-style compassion to any resident who needs support and understanding. VITAS is part of the DC community.

Community Outreach

VITAS brings hospice education and resources to traditionally underserved segments of the DC community. Dedicated veteran liaisons work with veterans who are VITAS patients, helping obtain benefits when eligible.

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