Employee Testimonials: Working at VITAS

Are you ready to join the VITAS team?

Registered Nurse 
Sacramento, CA

VITAS is a patient and family centered hospice company. They provide an excellent training program for nurses and a good mentoring program from staff that have been with the company a very long time. The team managers have been with the company for a long time and they themselves have worked in the field so they know exactly how the job has to be done.

Even though our caseloads can go up (and down), there is always additional help from the pool staff. The field staff must be able to work autonomously. If you do not come from home health or another job where you spend all your time in the field it can be very intimidating and hard to get used to. When I ask my manager for help, they give it to me and it helps me manage my schedule better.

I also love the company’s core values: “Patients and families come first, We take care of each other, I'm proud to make a difference, I'll do my best today and even better tomorrow.”

Director of Market Development 
Miami, FL

The thing I admire about VITAS is that employees are valued. As long as you demonstrate that you have the qualities and the potential to advance within the company, the sky's definitely the limit. It's an interesting place to work because this is a very stable company. That's important to me.

I would say to a new VITAS applicant, “You are on the right path to open the doors to opportunity, with a company with great stability. A company that acknowledges employees and values them. A company with tremendous growth and opportunities for you. Definitely you should go for it and start that journey with VITAS.”

Registered Nurse 
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I worked at VITAS for more than 8 years and I can honestly say that as a company they truly provide a very supportive team environment and they really focus on their employees, their health and their family issues. They are also an Equal Opportunity Employer and they have a very low employee turn-over rate. VITAS has a 24-hour call-in center that helps families whenever they need to reach us after hours. I also like that the company offers a good number of paid time off days to rest.

RN Primary Nurse 
Houston, TX

VITAS has offered me plenty of opportunities and a flexible schedule. The work environment is friendly and I enjoy working with my fun co-workers. Our managers are hard working and will try to work with you whenever you need them. Working at VITAS has provided me with a great learning experience. Starting from our orientation and throughout my time with the company. 

Torrance, CA

I have been volunteering at VITAS for more than a year. I’ve noticed that the company is well structured and they provide a professional working environment. The staff is very cooperative and they are always willing to provide great training. In my time as a volunteer, I’ve found the work to be very interesting and I really enjoy assisting the different departments of our hospice program like marketing, clinical and patient care.

VITAS Representative
Paterson, NJ

I have been working at VITAS for more than 3 years. I find the work we do extremely meaningful and it makes you feel good at the end of the day because you are helping people during what is a very difficult time in their lives.

You will find that the type of people that work in hospice are very compassionate and nice so it’s nice to have them as your colleagues.

I find that the corporate office is very supportive of the work we do in the field and they have great processes and procedures for anything we may need.  

Sacramento, CA

I have been working at VITAS full-time for more than 5 years. VITAS offers employees a good amount of paid time off, which starts accruing after your 3 month probation period. As our company values state “Patients and families come first,” we make sure that our patients are very well cared for. Our Sacramento office has a diverse staff, including management, with many different ethnicities represented.

From a career opportunity, VITAS provides many opportunities for growth and advancement if you are looking to grow your career.  

Torrance, CA

I have been working at VITAS for more than 10 years and in that time, I have seen time and again how the nursing field staff is extremely helpful and supportive. I wholeheartedly believe in the company’s four values: “Patients and families come first, We take care of each other, I'm proud to make a difference, I'll do my best today and even better tomorrow.” It is truly an honor to care for our patients at this private intimate phase of their lives. The families of the patients we care for are very appreciative of even the smallest things that we do for them.

Social Worker
La Salle, IL

I have been working at VITAS for more than 3 years. VITAS started as a small company in South Florida and today, has expanded across America in 18 states. I have worked for other hospice companies and I have to say – VITAS gets it right! At VITAS, patients and their families do come first! Just like their corporate values say.

At VITAS Hospice in LaSalle, our team truly cares and looks out for each other. In fact, there is a family atmosphere in our team that I value and makes my job enjoyable. 

Crisis Care Licensed Practical Nurse 
Melbourne, FL

VITAS is the best company I have ever worked for! Why? Well they provide great team work, this includes everyone from the office support to our primary care nurses to our awesome Continuous Care team manager! I am very fortunate to have worked with the best for more than 7 years. Their dedication and love for what they do for our hospice patients and families really inspires me. Their leadership is very dedicated to always giving the best care at any cost. We have some great nurses and health aides. Thank you VITAS for making employees feel special, like when you remember our birthdays and help us feel good about helping people.