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VITAS and AARP: With You All the Way

VITAS Innovative Hospice is a Proud Sponsor of AARP

As an organization devoted to patient advocacy and healthcare innovation, VITAS is proud to be affiliated with AARP. More than 50 years ago, recognizing that it was the most vulnerable among us who needed representation and leadership, AARP began to address the needs and concerns of Americans 50+.

Once called “Retired Persons,” today these influential individuals are working, buying, voting and making a difference as a demographic group. AARP is with them all the way.

In the same way, VITAS began more than 35 years ago with the conviction that there had to be a better way to care for the dying. We began to speak out, recognizing that someone had to be an advocate for those no longer able to advocate for themselves. We discovered that palliative care was not just for the very old, not just for cancer patients, not just for the patient.

Today we take care of, listen to and advocate for patients and their families while educating physicians, partnering with providers, and bringing the concept of end-of-life care into community centers, churches, health fairs, veterans events—anywhere neighbors gather, talk and share information. VITAS is with them all the way.