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VITAS Care Transitions

Care Transitions

Providing Options to Case Managers for their Most Fragile Patients

When patients are ready for healthcare options and a goals-of-care discussion, our hospice teams have the time.

Our physicians are experts at giving patients and families the time they need to talk about goals of care and their advanced illness, and a goals-of-care consultation can take place while your patient is still in the hospital.

Working with VITAS:

  • Reduces unnecessary emergency department visits and re-hospitalizations
  • Helps determine a realistic and effective plan of care
  • Improves patient/family satisfaction
  • Improves communication among patient, family, hospitalist, case manager, case reviewer, primary care physician and health plan providers
  • Helps undecided patients/families in continuing the conversation post-discharge through follow-up over the phone

The VITAS after-hours program provides direct, 24-hour access to clinical experts who have patient information and can dispatch a team member to the bedside any hour of the day or night, even on holidays.

We can provide 24-hour nursing care (continuous care) in the patient’s home, nursing home or assisted living community, when appropriate, to control symptoms.

A referral to VITAS expands alternatives for transitioning your end-of-life patients. We have the time, expertise and experience.

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Clinicians can make referrals directly from our mobile app, which is available now for iOS and Android.

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