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Grief and Grieving: VITAS Provides Support After a Death

Grief and Bereavement

Grief is the normal and universal reaction humans have to the loss of those they love. When your loved one dies, you go through a period of bereavement and experience grief that is utterly individual to your experience and yet shares many aspects with all others who grieve.

As a leader in the hospice field, we are committed to providing information, education and resources to help those who are going through a period of bereavement and grief. We provide targeted grief support services for at least a year following the death of a patient we have served. We are also committed to helping other members of the communities we serve. This website contains a broad array of informational and inspirational resources that can help anyone who has experienced a significant loss in his/her life.

VITAS’ bereavement services consist of:

  • Quarterly bereavement support letters, newsletters and educational materials
  • Bereavement support groups led by professional VITAS staff
  • Memorial services provided in different locations
  • Bereavement support telephone calls and visits by professional staff and volunteers
  • Community resource referral: grief therapists, community support groups, legal services, etc.

We also have a listing of current support groups and memorial services in each of the communities that VITAS serves.

Articles on Grief and Bereavement

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