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Streamlined Hospice Referrals

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The VITAS Proprietary Hospice Referral System

At VITAS Healthcare, we've developed the first live, two-way hospice referral system of its kind. It's a proprietary system designed to interface with hospital and health system EMR technology to data-mine key words and phrases associated with clinically appropriate patients requiring a referral to hospice.

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Upon identification, the patient referral is processed immediately through our automated workflow network. The admitting process begins as notifications are pushed directly to the nearest VITAS admissions representative via a hand-held mobile device.

VITAS Healthcare has a reputation of expertly transitioning complex patients from the hospital to a more optimal environment, like a private residence, nursing home, ALF, SNF, dedicated VITAS inpatient unit or a hospital contract bed.

Seamless Interoperability

Despite advances in technology, care transition applications tend to be cumbersome and difficult to manage. Many hospitals and health systems experience integration issues or fail to create and manage their own systems to coordinate patient care with post-acute providers.

Efficient care transitions are key to providing quality patient care and to retaining full Medicare reimbursement. Our hospice referral system makes these transitions seamless and more efficient. In addition, it has the ability to interface with many existing technologies, like HealthGrid.

Why Use our Hospice Referral System?

  • Seamless interoperability between VITAS and your referral source system
  • Satisfies many key requirements of CMS’ Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3) proposed measures
  • Automated and rules-based transmission process with little to no staff intervention
  • HIPAA compliant and encrypted data transfer
  • Zero transcription error rate
  • Shortened hospice referral response times

Multiple Interface Options

1. Direct Interface

VITAS hospice referrals - API

Access to web service APIs; VITAS can customize APIs as needed. Currently support SOAP-based XML and JSON REST services.

2. Direct Addressing

VITAS hospice referrals - HISP

CCDA via secure and encrypted direct addressing for health information exchanges only.

3. Partner Intermediary

VITAS hospice referrals - HIT

Access via existing HIT partners like HealthGrid.