Volunteers with Wet Noses Make a Difference

Paw Pals Hospice Volunteers

VITAS trains and certifies friendly, well-behaved pets to be Paw Pals®. A registered VITAS Paw Pals volunteer, always accompanied by its human companion, knows how to visit patients near the end of life and is at ease in medical and residential facilities as well as private homes. 

VITAS Paw Pals:

  • Offer comfort
  • Bring back memories
  • Encourage activity
  • Provide unconditional love  

Our hospice teams find that a VITAS Paw Pal can sometimes reach a patient when no one else can. They brighten the day and share their love with everyone—other residents or patients, family, friends and staff. It is clear that even the animals know what an important function they fulfill.

Although most VITAS Paw Pals are dogs, other animal volunteers may be considered on a case-by-case basis. All potential volunteers, and their human companion, are screened.

Please contact your local program to find out if VITAS Paw Pals are available in your location, whether they are accepting new volunteers for training or how to arrange for a Paw Pals visit.

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